Monday, March 29, 2010

the sunday collective

hi. meet my friend erin.

she's pretty much the coolest cat around. and i don't just say that about anyone.

she's also had an etsy update recently...and is planning on adding more *new* items soooooon! you should really check it out. :]

she's a talented crafter and photographer. here are some of my favorites from the sunday collective :

i have this one in an 8x10 AND a 5x7

this one is just beautiful

i love the colors in this one :]

here are some of my favorite colors:

and coming soon, these really freakin sweet bracelets:

and some other pretty stuff as well. check her out at the sunday collective :]


erinsunday said...

You are just the sweetest!! :)

amy lapi said...

this is SO cool of you! i LOVE erin too.. she's so talented and sweet. :)

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Bunny sushi!! How cute!! :)