Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more photos from springfield ;]

sorry for any repeats! and they're sort of in random order :] this post will be more of a visual and won't have much text. at the bottom i'll link some of the other gals so you can see more of the fun we had and read some of the stories...they're crazy!

all photos snagged from the blogs of jamie, lindsay, amy and janel. i'm pretty sure appropriate photo credits are listed there :]

ps, i'm NOT seeing john mayer tonight. stupid DB who said he'd sell us the tickets and back stage passes decided to give them to his sister and didn't tell us until just an hour ago...when we were supposed to be leaving. what a jerkface. so now i want to go see alice instead...any takers?



Lindsay said...

I love love all these pics (duh) Im about to order a boatload of them on snapfish!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!
P.S. Your tatas are HUGE :D

justinee said...

1. your pictures are so great, I am so jealous.
2. I am sorry about the John Mayer deal, (sad).
3. I GAVE YOU THE SUNSHINE AWARD on my blog, BECAUSE I love your blog, and yes I have read almost every single post. (creeper?)

souljane said...

john mayyyyyer. well at least we can still follow his witty self on twitter..

pretty pretty blog i do say.

BuenoBueno said...

the feather is lovely and good choice. i have a feather in the same spot different arm. i love it, and it will be on daniells sometimes sweet blog sometime:)
you are so cute! im glad you had fun!

Emily said...

It looks like you had so much!!! I love your tattoo completely lovely!

CourtneyTM said...

it looks like you girls had such an amazing time! i hope my hometown(st louis) was good to you before you guys set off!