Saturday, March 6, 2010

best edition everrrr

so yeah, it's been two weeks since i blogged. i'm not even going to apologize, because i feel that i always saying sorry...and i'm pretty sure you guys are used to my flaky blog schedule at this point (but really, i am sorry :] )

so this edition of photobooth friday (i know i know, it's a day late. but whatever...) is pretty much my favorite one everrrrr.

i have had *the most* fun spending the weekend with these amazing girls (and guy!) :]

the first half of my stay is wrapping up. i'm super sad to say goodbye to some of these wonderful folks, but i'm also super excited for the next few days i have here in springfield before heading home on tuesday. i can't wait to share with you guys some fun things i get to be a part of over the next few days :]

i also cannot wait until some of these gals start posting photos of this weekend so i can jack them and post them for you too :] (i can't find my camera! sad times)

ps, i love you mucho :]


BWatts said...

Ah I'm so jealous I'm glad y'all are having the best time ever! I miss you like crazy bad!

recklesslyknowing said...

where are you lady?