Friday, March 19, 2010

photobooth confession

confession: i have a bad habit of chewing on my fingers. not my nails, my actual fingers. when i'm bored, nervous, scared, concentrating...i do it all the time! don't judge :]

the spoon concert was amazing last night. the first two opening acts were decent...the strange boys (opening act #1) were like a modern day beatles. very sixties beach party-esque. it was great for the first two songs, but got old really quick. i definitely couldn't listen to them for long...unfortunately. i wanted to like them because they were so darn cute! oh well... the second opening band, deerhunter, were good. not great, but pretty good. not necessarily the right "fit" for the night's line-up though. they were kind of all over the place...chill one minute and crazy upbeat the next. i felt like i was inside of a crazy person's head!

but i would have suffered through countless mediocre opening acts for what was next...SPOON! i've been a fan since highschool, but never the type that had all their albums and followed their every move. i've heard they were an amazing band to see live, so when i heard they were coming to new orleans, i snagged a ticket quick! i mean, come on, how could you pass up a great band for 20 bucks? exactly. well they lived up to all the hype and then some. although they didn't sing my very favorite song, they still played a ton of good ones :] plus, they are pretty much the cutest band ever! see?

i made eye contact with the lead singer for a split second at one point during the show and i felt my heart melt...ahhhh. dreamy... :]

here's a taste for those of you who aren't familiar with the group...some of my favorites :] (even though they don't show, there are 7 songs...and you should really give them all a listen! these span from their entire career and are different from each other)

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ps, the tattoo is healing beautifully :] hope you have a lovely friday :]


vivianna said...

you are so beautiful! I want to be part of this photobooth friday things ;)

Heather said...

What is your favorite Spoon song? Mine is "Don't You Evah". :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

spoon?! no way- awesome.
lovelovelove that tattoo!
my bestie does the biting her actual fingers thing too...

Carol Anne said...

oh I really like Spoon! My favorite part of this post... when you made eye contact with the singer. You are so cute! <3<3

Lindsay said...

I chew on my fingers too, know that.. your thing must be flipped unless I hallucinated your tattoo being on your left arm (my left)! Miss you my fellow redhead!!

CaL said...

Not trying to fit in...seriously...I totally chew on my fingers! My guy gets annoyed with me & calls me fidgety...but whatever! Haha! I'm so glad you had an awesome time seeing Spoon!!! & the eye contact...melt!

amy lapi said...

i'm so glad you got to meet them and had so much fun! :) yayy!

Just Sweet Love said...

ugh, your hair looks so gorgeous i can't even stand it! but i love you!

miss james said...

so so pretty!

amanda said...

loves your tattoo.... so cute! : )

p.s. found your blog via janels craft swap