Monday, July 20, 2009

i need...

to get off my lazy butt...

i apologize for my absence these last couple of weeks.  i've been in and out of doctors' offices, working at the restaurant like a mad woman and attempting to wrap up etsy items and craft swaps and other things...  my hands have been virtually non-functional these last couple of weeks which has made it very hard to tackle my to do lists.  the grass in my backyard is so high i feel that i could be inside that redneck know, the one about finding a car buried under all that grass?  but thankfully i have finally reached a diagnoses for the issues i've been experiencing these last couple of years and i am finally getting treatment and will eventually be on the road to recovery.  i promise promise promise a big post this week full of color, crafting, know the fun stuff :]  as well as a better explanation of these medical issues :]  it's kind of interesting stuff i guess...anywho, i have to head to work tonight and then to a neurologist at 6am tomorrow for nerve conduction studies :/  hip hip hooray (sense the sarcasm?)

i love and miss you all!  see you back here soon

Saturday, July 11, 2009

oh and ps...

shaina, i'm working on your canvas this weekend!  promise! :]

photobooth friday

i know i haven't posted in like, forever...ok, only a week, but's been an uber busy week.  i've foresaken house cleaning duties and other important things because of my work schedule, and i felt it important to fill any downtime with friends and with that said, i think after this weekend, i'll be back on track :]  janel, kimi and danielle, i promise i will be getting your prizes to you soon!  there's just soooo much on my's a taste:

1.  still haven't started on my craft swap items...eesh.
2. bills have been piling up, and now that i'm living on a single income, times aren't necessarily rough, but they have the potential to get that i'm figuring out creative ways to fix that issue
3. i have 4 requests for custom ruffled totes, 4 requests for custom canvases (one of which is a three piece set), 2 potential custom canvas orders, multiple button ring orders (those are easy though) and 2 tattoo design requests.  super stoked about all these projects, but overwhelmed to say the least!  i need to learn to say no...

and i'm in desperate need of a bangs are in that too long to be considered bangs but too short to be considered hair stage.  and they're getting super thick too...gotta wait 'til payday...bleh.

anywho, i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and i will be back with a new and more glamorous post soon (i hope!)  happy photobooth friday to all!

Friday, July 3, 2009

photobooth friday and giveaway winners announced! :]

so apparently, i speak too fast for the macbook to keep up...hah!  anywho, press play to find out what's going on and to see if you're a lucky winner!!!  oh, and sorry everything's backwards... :]

lovelovelove and i'll see you all back here for happy ears on sunday! :]
emjay :]

oh and ps...go check out the blog party over at the spark!!!!