Monday, March 23, 2009


we're headed to ohio and indiana today!  two new states to add to my traveling repertoire! how exciting!  we promise a big big post of the whole weekend this week!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the end of an era...

today marks the end of an is the day that we begin to pack away almost 25 years of a life.  things collected through the years...say goodbye to friends and family...and finish this chapter.

a few (bad) photos of brit's sad and empty apartment...

this is a somber day...we know that there are new and exciting things on the horizon, and we will be excited for them soon...but today, there is an air of sadness surrounding everything.  soon though...soon things will be happy.

we'll see you on friday...with happier times.

brit and red

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


is almost here...i know i know, for most of you, it's spring...but down here in south louisiana, we skip that part and head straight to beaches, grilled fish, sunbathing...the works. :] this afternoon, i spent a few hours laying around outside, soaking up some felt so strange to be in a bathing suit! but it felt great...i'll be sad when another cold snap comes our way...which is bound to happen. :[

after spending those few hours outside, it had me craving one of my favorite meals for a hot day...grilled salmon, caesar salad, and strawberries! so i ran to the grocery store, picked up my goodies and quickly made it home. i must say, it was the BEST LUNCH EVER!

well, i'm off for now...time to get back to reality and go to work...ick. :] hopefully i will have a more beautiful post soon, however, my internet has been on the fritz and the next two weeks will be super busy, as brit is moving to ky. :[ it will be a sad day, but a fun adventure! and i believe i can speak on behalf of both of us when i say that we will photo document every step of the way and go blog crazy! can't wait for you to share the start of her new life journey with us!