Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter :]

just wanted to pop in and wish y'all a happy easter :] here's some eye candy for you:

easter sushi :]

this just made me giggle. poor little pup!

i can has?

this is the coolest tree everrrr

so cool
i miss this part of easter as a kid. i loved dying easter eggs.

these eggs are flippin' sweet!

i am a not-so-secret peep lover...

they're coming to get you!!

i hope everyone has a super lovely easter!


Carrie said...

Happy Easter to you thanks for all the great eye candy!


Anonymous said...

happy easter to you toooo!

amy lapi said...

so cute! happy easter! :)

Lindsay said...

Hoppy Hoppy Easter Meesh!! (even though Im a day late) I love all the pics they are awesome!

Anna said...

OMG Easter sushi!

Cole said...

That is the coolest tree! great photos! love the blog.

nicole visiting from

tracey-leigh [ xo] said...

i see the beautiful easter egg tree and feel tired for poor Mr Easter Bunny
..... man that would have been hard work up a big ladder for him!!