Saturday, April 26, 2008

i wish...

i could be crafting with brittany right now...sigh.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


ok, so today was a lazy day...

and while i love feeling well rested, i feel blah after a lazy day. something about staying in your pj's until noon (or in my case today, until 4:30 in the evening) and not getting ANYTHING accomplished makes you feel crappy. i don't know...maybe it's the fact that i really had a lot of things i needed to get taken care of this week. as of now, only 3 things on my list of like, 50 have been done. sigh...maybe next week?

all in all, i feel bad that i didn't get done the things i wanted to get done, but i secretly enjoyed lounging around with frank (and sometimes roxie, when she felt like being sweet) on the couch all day, watching movies and munching on carrot sticks (my grandpa brought by some yummy ones from his garden...mmmmm)

goooooood news for today though...some great new fun goodies came in from hambly, elle's studio and shabby chic. i was sooo stoked when the mail lady came by! she probably thought i was completely nuts, but i can't wait to play with my new stuff!

so i'll leave you on that high note...have a fabulous weekend! (i sure hope mine gets better!)


ps...i'll have some new pics to share soon... yay! :]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i've been really digging this cd lately...

i saw it at starbucks a whileback, but you know how those compilation cds end up liking like, two songs. i had planned to research the artists and then possibly go back and buy it, but of course, i got wrapped up in my oh-so-busy schedule and never got around to it. then, while at brit's for our last art day, she put it on and i fell in love! it's absolutely fabulous! it has artists that i already love like corrine bailey rae, kt tunstall, joss stone and paolo nutini...and some new (atleast new to me!) ones like the guggenheim grotto and the feeling. it's one of those cd's where you pretty much like every single song...gotta love them! it's perfect for every occasion too...great to drive to, inspires me to create lovely things, and is great to chill to. *absolutely*love*it*

got a cd you're enjoying a lot recently?

Monday, April 14, 2008

fun stuff

yesterday was a good day. i was lazy until about 11:30 which felt GREAT. then i went the hardware store and bought a shovel. hehe. i started digging out my flower bed for the front yard. then i took a nap and after that ran to mom and dad's for some AMAZING white beans...yum!

today i played around with my sculpy and made some fun new pendants for etsy. i'll post pics once they are finished. i also played around with a new medium...resin. it's different, but i think it'll be fun! we'll see how it comes out.

anywho...time for work! peace.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

who doesn't love a day off?

well today is my first day off in...well, i can't even remember how long it's been. i can't wait to spend it doing some great stuff!

first things first...i watched this movie this morning

it's so great! i love wes anderson and his quirky films. they can always put a smile on your face.

i donated some art and jewelry to an auction at aveda. if you're in the BR area this afternoon, you should stop by the aveda institute on sherwood between 1 and 5 and check it should be great!

this afternoon i think i want to try and do a little landscaping. i've been wanting to start this project since last summer, and if i could just get the ball this afternoon, i think i'll be making a trip to the nursery to see what goodies i can find.

so i guess when you get a day off, it's never really a day off! but i like it that way. :]

enjoy your sunday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

...busy day

sigh...i have a busy, busy day ahead of me...and none of it includes creating! so sad. although, i do get to make a trip to michael's and hobby lobby...but not for personal use. for a project i'm working on for a girl at work. it'll still be fun to window shop! who knows, maybe i'll come home with a few goodies of my own.

last night, i got together with some old friends from work whom i haven't seen since december! we had sooo much fun...a night filled with sushi and vodka much fun! i love those kids and wish we could hang out more.

well, i must get my lazy bum up and start my

catch you on the flip side!

Monday, April 7, 2008

art day pics!

so last friday, i packed up my entire studio and headed over to brit's new apartment. we decided that her new place needed to be christened with a day jam packed full of hard as we tried to get started early, we ended up not even getting settled in until noon, but we still got a ton accomplished! here are some pics of our lovely day!

brittany's make-shift studio
hehe...i painted on brit's drafting board...

brit's goodies from the day...a LO of her and her cousin, Sam, and a picture frame for her and her roomate

my creations...two paintings and a card for brit's roomate

Sunday, April 6, 2008

...yay for good friends...

yesterday i spent the day with janelle at the store. even though we didn't quite enjoy being at work on our day off, we still enjoyed our time together. i'm so sad that she's leaving me, but i'm happy for her in her new endeavor, and i know she's going to be a rock star when she gets to seigen!

last night, travis came in from amite, and he, me, aaron, terrell and amanda went over to robin and mary's for crawfish...crawfish is totally one of my favorite things about spring! we had a blast, and afterwards all headed back to terrell and amanda's for pizza and a movie.

after church this morning, everyone came over for dinner...ham, baked beans, potato salad, green bean casserole...yummy yum! now, they're all playing rockband. good times!

spending time with good friends always makes me happy. there's nothing like a great movie and good food with friends to put a smile on your face.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

...a quick little bit...

i love this picture...and i love this wall. it's so beautiful...the contrast of the concrete and the old of my favorite places downtown.

well, i'm heading to bed to be sure to get plenty of rest for the big day tomorrow! i'm packing up my studio and heading to brit's new apartment for a day full of crafting! we figured it was time to break the new place in...i'm so stoked about spending the whole day with my bestest friend, creating wonderful things together! i can't wait to see what we end up with! will post pics of our lovely day together (if we take a break long enough to capture the madness!)

sweetest dreams...


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

...extra extra read all about it!

it's here! it's finally here! are you ready for this???? drum roll please...

brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrrrrrrr (that's the best i could come up with for a drum roll...sry)
the internet! ok, so i know it sounds like a bit too much fanfare for such a teensie tiny thing, but finally getting the internet at our house is a big friggin' deal! hooray!
with that said, the etsy shop is set to open May 1st. this is an official date. here's a sneak peak at some of the things you will find...
these are some napkin rings i made for my own personal use...they look great with my dishes and table! my dad inspired me to make more and include them in my list of things on i said why not? they'll be available in sets of 4 or 8. a price hasn't been set yet though. i love how organic they look...and they were a blast ot make!
my first love, and the entire reason i decided to start an etsy shop, is paper crafting. one of my favorite things is making handmade stationery. who wants a hallmark, when you can have your very own, handcrafted, made with love card? each set of cards and/or stationery will include 4 cards and 4 envelopes...prices have not been determined for these either. below is "Camelia". this line will be available alongside two others for the time being, "Eleanor" and "Lolita". others might be added in the future, as i come across paper patterns that inspire me. since each card is handmade, designs and embellishments may vary.

lastly, i've been playing around with canvas and acrylics for the last 6 months, and having oh-so-much-fun! most children dream of being astronauts and figure skaters when they grow up, but for the *creative* child, we dream of being painters and that i'm older, i still dream of being something creative...a painter, a scrapbook paper and embellishment designer, a i've decided that i will. i will be a painter. i will be a jewlery scupltor. i will be a papercraft designer. here are a few fun and whimsical canvases i've done, that will be up in the shop. i'm working on a few others to include as well, but they are grossly unfinished, so even a sneak peek wouldn't be all that great. these are both 8X10 thick framed canvas, that will come ready to hang.

any way the wind blows...

i'm so excited to get everything up and running! the anticipation builds!

i'll leave you with some photos of what the studio looks like after a long night of un-interupted crafting...

have a great day!