Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring cleaning bug :]

have you seen this???

my lovely friend, janel, sketched this in her journal (it's me!). she's so rad :]

in other news, how many of you have seen the a&e show, hoarders? my parents watch it and i've seen a few episodes while at there house and i have one word that sums up my reaction when i see it - GROSS. watching that show gives me such anxiety. i'm bad with clutter and i've been known to let a cup of hot tea sit on my bedside table for a couple of days. i mean, in reality, i know that i'm normal. that everyone does it. that i am no where near as messed up as the people who are on that show. but watching it, i can't help but freak out on the inside thinking "oh snap. i don't want to turn into that person!" here's a peek at what this show is about...

ick. it gives me the heebie jeebies. so i am off of work tomorrow. and i refuse - REFUSE - to let anything distract me from the task at hand - spring cleaning. so i thought, as a way to hold myself accountable and get things done, i'll post my list of to do's here, and update when items are complete :] you guys better help hold me to it! so...before i lay my head down to sleep tomorrow (monday) night, the following things *must* be completed:

orange text denotes completion! :]

-clean out car
-scour kitchen sink
-all laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
-vacuum bedroom
-sweep and scrub kitchen, living room and front bathroom floors
-organize front bathroom cabinets
-clean front bathroom tub and toilet
-paint bedroom table
-remove all cat hair from my living room furniture (eww gross)
-clean out fridge (double gross)
-clean oven (holy geeze, i'll need 5 cans of oven cleaner!)
-dust all furniture in house
-dust blinds (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, spare room, studio)
-remove clutter from kitchen table and counters
-clean up craft supply explosion from living room floors and coffee table

ok, so that list is doable, right? please say yes!

and here's a list for the near future that i can start on tomorrow if i finish the first list :]

-finish painting bedroom
-cut grass (recent sunshine + rain make for LOTS of tall weeds :/ )
-pull up bedroom carpet and paint floors to match living room/hallway :]
-tackle studio space
-clean up aaron's man cave turned my new media room and make it more girly and less aaron-y

ok, i think that's a good list to start with. let the spring cleaning commence!


mel said...

whew! you're going to be a busy gal!
you can do it, it'll feel so good when its done. get out some great tunes :)

amy lapi said...

wow that is some list! when you're finished, come to my home and help me. thank yoU! miss you!

Lindsay said...

Janel id such a good job on the sketches!!! :D I had a to do list about that long from this weekend too!

Gwen said...

Hoarders is gross.
Especially when they have pets and the pets have babies and then they die c'os they have the babies in the crevasses of their piles of crap.

I hate watching that show.