Monday, March 29, 2010

the sunday collective

hi. meet my friend erin.

she's pretty much the coolest cat around. and i don't just say that about anyone.

she's also had an etsy update recently...and is planning on adding more *new* items soooooon! you should really check it out. :]

she's a talented crafter and photographer. here are some of my favorites from the sunday collective :

i have this one in an 8x10 AND a 5x7

this one is just beautiful

i love the colors in this one :]

here are some of my favorite colors:

and coming soon, these really freakin sweet bracelets:

and some other pretty stuff as well. check her out at the sunday collective :]

Friday, March 26, 2010

is it friday already?

oh is. here is this week's photobooth friday:

that is my pathetic face. and yes, those are my (still) unfinished bedroom walls behind me. don't judge.

happy friday everyone...i'm going to go see if i can keep a glass of water down...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fruit salad, yummy yummy

ok, i do not watch the wiggles, but my (ex) nephew was obsessed with them during his terrible two's, and would run around singing that song at the top of his lungs. so now, any time i hear, say or read the words "fruit salad", the song inevitably starts playing in my head. yay for me.


however, i DO love me some fruit! where i live, spring is more of a state of mind. i mean, sure...we have the season here. but really it only lasts like, a week. then it goes straight to full fledged summer. so in anticipation of summer, or at least summer weather (give us til mid april), here's some delicious fruit eye candy for you. these are my favorites!


blood orange



peaches (and nectarines)

did you know that louisiana grows the sweetest strawberries, and is one of the main strawberry suppliers for the US? oh yes! they mainly grow in tangipahoa parish (a parish is like a county)...only one parish over from where i live!

purple grapes :]

and green grapes

green apples (the red ones are to mealy...i don't like their texture)

tangerines and satsumas. they are sweeter than oranges, smaller, easier to eat and peel!


my dad has plants in his yard that grow these baby bananas :]

watermelon...i seriously live off of this during the summer. breakfast lunch and dinner.
did you know that the country's best watermelon comes from washington parish, louisiana? mmhm, that's right! two of my favorite fruits are grown in masses (for distribution across the country) practically in my back yard! i'm so lucky!

ahhhh, and blackberries. my absolute favorite! my grandpa has 6 blackberry bushes in his garden. it's a race to see which grandkids get to the bushes first. it's usually my cousins jill and elise. me and my sister usually get to them once jill and elise have picked the big ones :] all four of us girls love blackberries so much! yummm.

i've always wanted to try a fruit fast. even if it's for a couple of weeks. maybe i'll start tomorrow? who's with me? who's willing to help hold me accountable? maybe i'll document the journey? post it here? what do you think? we'll see!


(all images found via

tell me a story...

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xo, em

Friday, March 19, 2010

photobooth confession

confession: i have a bad habit of chewing on my fingers. not my nails, my actual fingers. when i'm bored, nervous, scared, concentrating...i do it all the time! don't judge :]

the spoon concert was amazing last night. the first two opening acts were decent...the strange boys (opening act #1) were like a modern day beatles. very sixties beach party-esque. it was great for the first two songs, but got old really quick. i definitely couldn't listen to them for long...unfortunately. i wanted to like them because they were so darn cute! oh well... the second opening band, deerhunter, were good. not great, but pretty good. not necessarily the right "fit" for the night's line-up though. they were kind of all over the place...chill one minute and crazy upbeat the next. i felt like i was inside of a crazy person's head!

but i would have suffered through countless mediocre opening acts for what was next...SPOON! i've been a fan since highschool, but never the type that had all their albums and followed their every move. i've heard they were an amazing band to see live, so when i heard they were coming to new orleans, i snagged a ticket quick! i mean, come on, how could you pass up a great band for 20 bucks? exactly. well they lived up to all the hype and then some. although they didn't sing my very favorite song, they still played a ton of good ones :] plus, they are pretty much the cutest band ever! see?

i made eye contact with the lead singer for a split second at one point during the show and i felt my heart melt...ahhhh. dreamy... :]

here's a taste for those of you who aren't familiar with the group...some of my favorites :] (even though they don't show, there are 7 songs...and you should really give them all a listen! these span from their entire career and are different from each other)

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

ps, the tattoo is healing beautifully :] hope you have a lovely friday :]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tell me a story

i'm adding this feature to my [loose] blogging schedule. on tuesdays (of course the goal is every tuesday, but let's get'll probably every other week or so!) i'll post a photo and i want you to tell me a story. how does the photo speak to you? what's the story behind it? what's the background of the subject? where did he/she come from? where are they headed? etc... you can leave one line or 100 lines. get creative...

i want you to tell me a story...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


chatted with this face a little tonight. i'm so blessed to have become friends with her :]

miss you!

spring cleaning bug :]

have you seen this???

my lovely friend, janel, sketched this in her journal (it's me!). she's so rad :]

in other news, how many of you have seen the a&e show, hoarders? my parents watch it and i've seen a few episodes while at there house and i have one word that sums up my reaction when i see it - GROSS. watching that show gives me such anxiety. i'm bad with clutter and i've been known to let a cup of hot tea sit on my bedside table for a couple of days. i mean, in reality, i know that i'm normal. that everyone does it. that i am no where near as messed up as the people who are on that show. but watching it, i can't help but freak out on the inside thinking "oh snap. i don't want to turn into that person!" here's a peek at what this show is about...

ick. it gives me the heebie jeebies. so i am off of work tomorrow. and i refuse - REFUSE - to let anything distract me from the task at hand - spring cleaning. so i thought, as a way to hold myself accountable and get things done, i'll post my list of to do's here, and update when items are complete :] you guys better help hold me to it! so...before i lay my head down to sleep tomorrow (monday) night, the following things *must* be completed:

orange text denotes completion! :]

-clean out car
-scour kitchen sink
-all laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
-vacuum bedroom
-sweep and scrub kitchen, living room and front bathroom floors
-organize front bathroom cabinets
-clean front bathroom tub and toilet
-paint bedroom table
-remove all cat hair from my living room furniture (eww gross)
-clean out fridge (double gross)
-clean oven (holy geeze, i'll need 5 cans of oven cleaner!)
-dust all furniture in house
-dust blinds (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, spare room, studio)
-remove clutter from kitchen table and counters
-clean up craft supply explosion from living room floors and coffee table

ok, so that list is doable, right? please say yes!

and here's a list for the near future that i can start on tomorrow if i finish the first list :]

-finish painting bedroom
-cut grass (recent sunshine + rain make for LOTS of tall weeds :/ )
-pull up bedroom carpet and paint floors to match living room/hallway :]
-tackle studio space
-clean up aaron's man cave turned my new media room and make it more girly and less aaron-y

ok, i think that's a good list to start with. let the spring cleaning commence!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

photobooth fun

geeeeeze, did i miss another friday? yep, i think i did. in my defense, i was at work from 7am until there. i have a good excuse :] well, here's one from the archives to fufill this week's photobooth post. i took this a couple of weeks ago, but i feel it's relevant seeing as rox is sitting in the exact same spot right this second. the only difference is i just stepped out of the shower and look like a curly drowned rat :] so you get this pretty one.

hmmm, and rox just moved to come sit next to me on the bed. :]

oh damn! he just bit me!

stupid cat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more photos from springfield ;]

sorry for any repeats! and they're sort of in random order :] this post will be more of a visual and won't have much text. at the bottom i'll link some of the other gals so you can see more of the fun we had and read some of the stories...they're crazy!

all photos snagged from the blogs of jamie, lindsay, amy and janel. i'm pretty sure appropriate photo credits are listed there :]

ps, i'm NOT seeing john mayer tonight. stupid DB who said he'd sell us the tickets and back stage passes decided to give them to his sister and didn't tell us until just an hour ago...when we were supposed to be leaving. what a jerkface. so now i want to go see alice instead...any takers?