Monday, September 27, 2010

happy monday :)

i woke up to a crisp 65 degree morning, and as of 12:30 in the afternoon, the temp hasn't risen above 70 :) i know that it's not going to last, and that in a few short days we'll be back to the 95 degrees before 11 am thing, but i can't help but soak it in and enjoy this little taste of fall for as long (or as short) as it lasts. now will someone let mother nature know that we don't want too many of these little teases before the real thing?

i hope you all are enjoying your is my verb list for the day:

spinning: "turn on the bright lights" by interpol

nomming: mushroom burger on honey wheat flat bread

doing: my hair. yay for multitasking

what's yours?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

today i...

white a-line sundress
gray knit cardigan
cowboy boots
various necklaces from my sister's jewlery box (teehehe)

beef stew (made from scratch by yours truly)
oh, and king's hawaiian bread and brownies :)

listened to:
jenny & johnny. all. day. long.
the vinyl is so pretty...its clear! not to mention, it comes with the entire album on cd as well, so i could listen while i ran errands too :)

the new big bang theory. i think sheldon's girlfriend was played by blossom. weird.

bdg cigarette jeans and kimchi blue tstrap heels from urban...
and the aformentioned j&j vinyl

day dreamed about:
spending week (and a half!) with these two great folks...i love them so much

goodnight friends :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

emjay's super rad playlist

everyone's doing fall playlists lately. well this is not one of those. these songs don't make me think of any particular season, person, or memory. they just sound good together and make me happy :) enjoy! (because of my blog layout, you'll need to use the pop out player option to see all 16 songs :)

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and because is lame and doesn't have all the good music out there, this song belongs on the play list...

and this song too...

ps, ms erin sunday...this is that playlist i started making for you like a million years ago.

pss, ashley and casee...this is for you guys too :)