Monday, March 8, 2010

sneak peeks from this weekend :]

since i didn't bring my camera (lame), i'm relying on other's for my photo-documentation of my trip to springfield :] which shouldn't be hard seeing as i am spending the majority of this trip with a bunch of photographers, both amateur and professional :] here's a peek at the trip so far...
st louis slumber party

finding out that my head and pdr's bear hat were meant to be together

enjoying the company of some of the coolest kids (and eating these owl cupcakes) at the rva mask party

late night hotel room dance parties...we're not just cool, we're siska nanny cool! :]

tattoos with friends. joey was the nicest guy ever and he was so accommodating. which must of been hard since his lobby was full with 12 chatty girls for like, 6 hours!

celebrating the birthday of one of my new most favorite friends :]

modeling pieces for the rva spring update :]

it's been a busy trip so far, but oh-so-much fun as well :] i was sad to see some of my new friends go, but i'm enjoying spending more one on one time with the few that are left :] today is my last day in springfield, and it promises to be a good one full of starbucks, post offices, photo shoots, hair dye, cajun cooking, celebrating the anniversary of friends, and i'm pretty sure a lot more. :]

love you guys ;]

photo credits:
4. amy
7. wess, via elsie's blog


mel said...

i'm oh so jealous of all of those adventures! did you get a tattoo as well?

Jamie said...

Haha! Siska nannie cool. Fo sho.
Can't wait to see all the RVA pics!!! Work it girl! ;)

With Love, Jamie said...

Those are great photos! Love the hats!! & the cupcake! :)

Just Sweet Love said...

love love love YOU!!

Lindsay said...

haha I love all these pics!!! best.trip.ever!

CaL said...

cal = jealous. that is all. =)