Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fruit salad, yummy yummy

ok, i do not watch the wiggles, but my (ex) nephew was obsessed with them during his terrible two's, and would run around singing that song at the top of his lungs. so now, any time i hear, say or read the words "fruit salad", the song inevitably starts playing in my head. yay for me.


however, i DO love me some fruit! where i live, spring is more of a state of mind. i mean, sure...we have the season here. but really it only lasts like, a week. then it goes straight to full fledged summer. so in anticipation of summer, or at least summer weather (give us til mid april), here's some delicious fruit eye candy for you. these are my favorites!


blood orange



peaches (and nectarines)

did you know that louisiana grows the sweetest strawberries, and is one of the main strawberry suppliers for the US? oh yes! they mainly grow in tangipahoa parish (a parish is like a county)...only one parish over from where i live!

purple grapes :]

and green grapes

green apples (the red ones are to mealy...i don't like their texture)

tangerines and satsumas. they are sweeter than oranges, smaller, easier to eat and peel!


my dad has plants in his yard that grow these baby bananas :]

watermelon...i seriously live off of this during the summer. breakfast lunch and dinner.
did you know that the country's best watermelon comes from washington parish, louisiana? mmhm, that's right! two of my favorite fruits are grown in masses (for distribution across the country) practically in my back yard! i'm so lucky!

ahhhh, and blackberries. my absolute favorite! my grandpa has 6 blackberry bushes in his garden. it's a race to see which grandkids get to the bushes first. it's usually my cousins jill and elise. me and my sister usually get to them once jill and elise have picked the big ones :] all four of us girls love blackberries so much! yummm.

i've always wanted to try a fruit fast. even if it's for a couple of weeks. maybe i'll start tomorrow? who's with me? who's willing to help hold me accountable? maybe i'll document the journey? post it here? what do you think? we'll see!


(all images found via weheartit.com)


Anonymous said...

A fruit fast...how interesting! And what the heck...I have never seen a blood orange?! I live in Florida..we def don't have those creepy things...How do they taste?

Jamie said...

I still sing that song all the time, lol.
All that fruit looks soooooo delicious!!!! Yummy, yummy!

With Love, Jamie said...

Yummy...! We love our fruit around here too! Those blood oranges made my tummy growl! ;)

CaL said...

Fruit fast might be a bad idea...all that sugar can't be good for a singular source! But it'd sure be TASTY!!! Oh man...like you, here in SoCal we have about a week of "Spring" & then BAM it's 90+ degrees & I'm in the pool half that day! It sucks but makes me enjoy our little Spring "season" that much more! I love growing fruit! One of the best parts of living in a warm (hot) climate...we get nice juicy plump sugary fruit...now excuse me while I peel this tangelo! =)

amy lapi said...

damn that looks good!!

Sasha said...

As soon as I read the title of this post I started singing The Wiggles! hahaha! Thank goodness my little ones are out of that phase!

The fruit looks soooo good!!