Monday, March 8, 2010

in case you were wondering...

yes, i did get a new tattoo with everyone this weekend. and i love it :

(photo credit: jamie)
today was a wonderful day...errands, black tea, hair dye, cashew chicken, insults and compliments, foxes, wind, video blogs, etsy updates, rva shipments, pauly shore movies, sweet potato fries, girl scout cookies, frozen custard and LOTS of laughs :] i am going to miss this place and miss these people so very much :/ already planning my trip back!


ps, happy anniversary erin and will :] thanks for letting me crash!


emma said...

okay okay okay - i have to ask... your hair is AMAZING. is it natural?!

ps your tattoo is so lovely!

mel said...

cute tattoo! i like how clean and simple it is. glad to hear you had fun!

Lindsay said...

oh I LOVE that pic!!! You look great!
miss you!

Chaucee said...

Love the new tattoo! Looks great : )
And girl scout cookies are the BOMB!

Anna said...

love that tattoo! so simple and sweet!