Saturday, May 30, 2009


thanks to danielle for that lovely new nickname!  i do sort of like the idea of robot zombies...the term has sparked ideas for new's such an adorable thought...cutesie robot zombies! :]

soooooooo today is photobooth friday!!!  hip hip hooray!  my wonderful fellow crafter, jari, is joining kimi, janel and me so check hers out this week!  she's so flippin' adorable :]

4/52 (a day late...) mama needs a pedicure!  

snapped this while waiting for the oh-so-slow lady at the BBQ place to fix my pate so i could get to work!  the food was worth the wait though... :]  but my toenails...ick...there's no excuse for the horribly chipped polish.

the honesysuckle are in full bloom down here in louisiana.  the aroma is so strong, i can smell them across the's definitely one of my favorite smells of summer...along with fresh cut grass, swimming pool hair and tanned skin (yes, tanned skin has a special smell :] )  did any of you ever eat the honey from honeysuckle growing up?  i haven't in years, so this morning i decided to do it for old times sake.  it tasted just as great as remembered it.  sucks though that you only get one drop per flower. :[

bad photo quality in those two...i took them with my phone :]

so tonight i'm am listening to enya and teaching myself to knit.  for reals this time (at least i hope)  to help, i bought a few educational books...

this is me:

and this is what i am when it comes to knitting and crocheting...

so hopefully with the help of a few tools...

i'll be knitting in no time! (at least that's the plan...)

i really want to knit some cute little stuffed animal thingies...and a scarf.  and i want to be a cool guerilla knitta like janel.  let's see how far i get tonight... :]

alright fellow's 3am and time to get back to it.  see you on the flip side!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a little fashion inspo to end the night...

holy shnikees!  three posts in one day?  what's gotten into me?!?  haha...well, i was perusing some of my favorite design and fashion blogs as i was winding down for the evening, and i came across so many lovely things that i simply could not pass up sharing a few of them.  so, with that said, here's a little fashion inspiration to get those creative wardrobe juices flowing...happy drooling!

oh my dear goodness, i must have this dress.  it's a bit out of my price range, but it's totally worth saving up for!

this little gem is such an adorable outfit!  and i looooove the colors!

ahhhh, these shoes...they have been on my etsy favorites list for what seems like forever!

i have lusted after this necklace since i first laid eyes on it...and low and behold, the fashion blog, dedicated, was giving it away to one lucky reader!  guess who won it?  (hint:  me!)  thank you mister random number generator!  because of you, this beauty is on it's way to me!

this little piece is so incredibly unique.  it's from the etsy seller, white owl.  all of their jewelry is made from reclaimed materials.  i love the juxtaposition of the hard metals and soft antique crochet work.  a lovely decoration for your d├ęcolletage :]

there were many many more that i wanted to share, but i think i'm going to just call it a night instead.  gotta save some thing for future posts, right?  hope everyone has a wonderful evening and i'll see you all soon for 52 project and upcoming photobooth friday!  yay!

sweet dreams of sugary things 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tonight i am...

-eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
-wishing i had milk to go with aforementioned cookies
-deciding to put off the closet work until tomorrow
-listening to the magical sounds of the watson twins, the decemberists, jeremy larson, jenny lewis, copeland, camera obscura and company of theives (to name a few)
-working on tote bags for the shop - will share pictures as soon as i locate my camera's battery charger :/ 
-sketching up new ideas for projects and paintings

loving this night already :]

my girl crush

Sunday, May 24, 2009

happy ears sunday is back!

after a long hiatus, happy ears is back!  unfortunately, this post won't have any pictures, because i'm on my way to be in a movie! 

for those of you who don't know, the louisiana film industry is BOOMING.  everyone and their mama seems to want to film their feature films in our lovely state, and it's ok by me!  anywho...the film is titled, "inventing adam" and parts of it take part in baton rouge, so of course, they're filming here!  well, with raising cane's (the restaurant company i work for) being such a huge part of baton rouge (it is, mind you, where we started!), they thought that it should be included in the story line.  better yet, they decided that they wanted cane's to be such a part in the film, that all the extras in scenes filmed at the restaurant should be cane's crewmembers!  hells yeah!  so with that said, i'm on my way to LSU's campus to be an extra in and independent feature film - scenes of which are being shot at none other than "the mothership", Cane's 1.  i'm pretty stinkin' stoked :]

so with that out of the way, on to happy ears :]  this week we're going to flash back a little...i've been enjoying some oldies but goodies this week.  top 5 songs are as follows:

1.  i saw the sign - ace of base
2.  you live, you learn - alanis morissette
3.  in the blood - better than ezra (good ol' louisiana boys!)
4.  walk like an egyptian - the bangles
5.  call me - blondie ( :] )

love and cupcakies to you all and have a lovely memorial day! :]

Friday, May 22, 2009

photobooth friday!!!

so, i've been doing a lot of thinking lately...

and i really want to do a photobooth friday with my cat, Rox.  I tried, but alas, he did not like the idea...


kimi joined me last week for photobooth friday, and rumor has it that janel might be jumping on the bandwagon as well!  yay!!!  check these two lovely girls out and send them some love.

i'm off to sleepy town...hopefully within a few hours :]  can't wait for memorial day BBQ/pool party!  yesssssssss

lovelove and super sweet dreams of cupcakes,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"MJ, where have you been?"

that's been a common question asked of me throughout this past week...well here's the jist of it...

this past weekend was an emotionally difficult one for me.  i had to say goodbye to something that was once very good, but over time had eroded into something that had begun to take a huge toll on both my mental and emotional health...hell, even my physical health at some points!  i'm not comfortable, quite yet, discussing details of my current situation, but i do appreciate any support through such a difficult time.  i'm starting a new chapter in life, and i'm starting it on my own.  it's something new for me, but i have faith that i will see through to the other side.  i'm a strong person, and i know i can do this. 

so, where have i been, you ask?  i've been doing a little of this:

(i have no idea why this came out so small... 3/52)

and a whole lot of this:


and i have to admit, there's been a little of this involved as well...


with the help of these things (all of which have been *very* therapeutic :] ) and family and good friends, i'm learning to cope with my new life and i'm very optimistic about my future.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

la dee da dee da...

so this is wear i burned my forehead with the curling iron yesterday.  i didn't think it was that bad until i woke up this morning.  and yeah, it hurts like a mug.  good thing my bangs cover it up!

so i've been dreaming of a bedroom makeover and i came across these uh-may-zing things....can i have them all please?


who doesn't need an awesome pair of curtain tiebacks?

oh.  my.  goodness.  i have to have it!!!!
(all pieces from urban outfitters)

oh...and this:

(jennysbakeshop)   um, yes please?

hoping your saturday has been lovely!

emjay :]

photobooth friday!!!

this photobooth friday is brought to you by...


seriously...3 hours a night (my average for the last week) is no where near enough sleep for a normal person to function on.  however, my body feels differently!  i am a sleeeeeeeepy bear.

this is what i wish i was doing...

but alas, i am not.  i cannot.  and it makes me feel like this:


and annoyed.

goodnight my loves, hope you are sleeping better than me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


as kimi so graciously reminded me in the comment section of my last post ( :] ) today is thursday which means it's 52 project day :]  i would like to go on the record as saying that i *did* remember and *did* take a self portrait, but i got called into work, and here i am now, a mere 30 minutes to midnight rushing and rushing to post it in time to meet the deadline :]  so without further ado...

it gives you a better look at my new cut too...i rewashed it and styled it on my own this morning.  they can never seem to get it right at the salon...i guess when you have hair as temperamental as mine, that's just how it goes.  i was feeling very jenny lewis while editing this photo...ahh...think i'll go put her on right now and veg out :]

happy happy thursday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i vow...

to get back on my blogging schedule. 

happy ears sundays
52 project thursdays 
and photobooth fridays

i promise i promise i promise!  (maybe if i say it enough times it will be so...)

oh, and i got new hair today!  thanks gwen, i love it! :]

happy hump day!  i hope you are doing something wonderful, whimisical and creative to get through your wednesday!  it's off to work for me...  :]  see you lovelies tomorrow!


Friday, May 8, 2009

so i've been thinking...

which, if you ask my dad, is never a good thing... :]

all kidding aside, i think i'm going to pick up the 365 challenge again...but with a little twist.  i have the *hardest* time keeping up with taking a photo every single day...with a full time "real" job, it's virtually impossible.  buuuutttttt, i definitely think i'm capable of 1 photo a week.  so with that, i bring you

drum roll please...

the 52 challenge!  (yessssssss!!!)  i will be adding this to my newly budding blogging schedule.  i thought about sundays, but since "happy ears" has already taken that spot, i think i'm going to settle for thursdays.  so be on the lookout!  and i urge anyone who wants to jump on the wagon to do so and let me know!  we can keep track of each other's progress via flickr or blogs! :]

soooo enjoying my new tattoo!  thanks elsie! :]
(i got done writing this post and just as i was about to publish it, i realized it was thursday...haha.  so i'm going to be lame since it's 1 in the morning and cheat for my first one...photobooth!)

ok kiddos...i've got a super long weekend ahead of the "real" job.  :/  i've so enjoyed these last ten days!  but, vacations have to end sometime!  hopefully i'll find a tiny piece of time to come back at some point over the weekend with a real post and a peek at a fuuuuunnnn project i've been working on since yesterday :]  


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a new day...

things are still crazy around here, and they probably will be for some time, but i'm feeling a little better about it today than i was yesterday.  mostly thanks to this photo:

(jacked from janel)

it definitely put a smile on my face.

for today, i think i'm going to do the following things:
1.  be lazy
2.  lay around and watch movies
3.  be lazy some more
4.  maybe rest for a little while
5.  a little more laziness

i think that about covers it! :]  hope you all have a splendid day! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


has been interesting, to say the least.  our day didn't even begin until 4pm, but we were ok with that.  we got some muuuuch needed rest.  so here's how the rest of the day went:

bad news
left over sushi
good movie
girl talk

and that's where we're at.  i wanted to leave some photos and fun stuff for you to look at, but unfortunately some things that came about this evening have left me both physically and emotionally drained.  i'll post more springfield/rva fun-ness when i'm feeling better, and maybe i'll share my woes with the blogging world one day, but for now, i'm curling up with a 20 ounce of dr pepper, my left over sushi and pride and prejudice via my macbook's dvd player.  i just need a night where i don't have to think of the stupid things going on in my life.  and that night is tonight...starting *now*

goodnight fellow bloggers and blogreaders. 


Saturday, May 2, 2009

greetings from springfield :]

cecily and i are having sooooo much fun in springfield, it's unbelievable!  we're glad we took elsie and rachel's advice last time to come back and visit and spend a bit more time around here.  it was definitely worth it!  last time we were here, it was on such short notice that there wasn't much to do (although elsie and rachel remedied that with a lovely breakfast date at gailey's :] )  this weekend, we have met so many special people, spent more time with special people we've met before, and have had experiences that will be remembered forever.  classes with elsie, emma, rachel and LA have been so rewarding, informative, inspiring and just plain fun!!  here are a few photos from hanging out at elsie's loft and enjoying a private concert in jeremy larson's studio...

her home is so incredibly lovely!

jeremy's concert was so magical.  it was an intimate gathering of close family and friends, and of course us crafty girls :]  we all sat around his piano in the studio, and listened to him play a short set of songs.  requests were taken, stories were told, and we even got to hear a few that aren't on any albums, and some that were written specifically for elsie.  jeremy is so completely adorable - they are such a perfect fit. :]

here are a few more photos that we took to send to brittany so that she wouldn't feel like she was completely left out :]  we wish she could have been here with us!

eating lunch at nonna's and hanging out at big mamma's

cecily can't stop talking to "the boy" :]

big momma's coffee house.. delicious!!!

we were ichat-ing with brit thursday night and we couldn't figure out how to snap shot the screen.  haha...she secretly did it while we weren't expecting it and this is the result.  we look so confused!  :]

and this was, by far, the most delicious sandwhich i have EVER eaten.  i've had two this weekend already, and i'm pretty much ready for a third.  :]  turkey, pesto, honey mustard, provolone, sprouts...oh my goodness it's heaven on focaccia bread. :]

oh, and one last thing to share...

this is going to become something very special.  it's a secret for now, but i'm sure i'll be sharing soon :]