Tuesday, March 9, 2010

formspring questions

me as the red queen for erin sunday's amazing birthday party! can't wait to get more photos from that night! ;]

in case you haven't noticed, in the bottom left hand side of my blog, there is a little box where you can anonymously type in any question you've ever wanted to ask me :] everytime i accumulate a few, i'll do a blog post :] so get to asking! here are a few i've received recently:

1. how old are you?
i am twenty four :] my birthday is december 10, so i will be twenty four for a while :]

2. what's on your itinerary for your winnipeg trip?
well unfortunately, due to some personal and financial issues, i had to postpone my trip to winnipeg. however, our itinerary will probably stay fairly close to the same. :] LA and i had plans for thrifting, LOTS of crafting, and just plain ol' good fun. the one thing, however, that we may not be able to do (based on what time of year i reschedule for) is go tobogganing. and i was so looking forward to it :[

3. when an emotional rainy day comes about, how do you make yourself feel better?
wow, this is a deep one :] well, i've always been an optimist. i see the glass half full; there's always a silver lining to every cloud. i firmly believe that god gives us obstacles for a reason, and that he will never give us something that we can't handle. i believe that he creates situations for us as a learning experience. i believe everything that happens, happens for a reason and that it is to better someone somewhere. that really helps get me through those times. that and gooooood music :]

4. why are you so freaking cute?
haha! this one made me blush and giggle. whoever asked this one is too sweet. entirely too sweet! ummm, everyone has their bad days, belive me...i am not always cute. take right now for example...i've been traveling by car and plan since 11 am...and i. am. gross. but i guess to answer your question, you'd have to ask god and/or my mom and dad...they made me!

5. what is your favorite holiday and why? who do you like to celebrate with?
most people find this silly, but my favorite holiday is halloween. i think the reason why doesn't really even have much to do with the holiday, really. i do love getting to dress up and go to costume parties and what not, but i think the main reason is the time of year it is. october is hands down my favorite month. it's right when the days are still warm and breezy, but the nights turn crisp. autumn is just beginning...the moon is haunting, and shadows play tricks on you. plus, i love to be creeped out...it's so fun! :] as for who i spend it with? it varies from year to year...sometimes friends, sometimes family, but most of the time both :]

6. what are you thankful for this week?
this was actually asked of me 5 weeks ago, so sorry i'm just now getting to it. i will answer as if you asked me today.
this week i am thankful for loving, caring, generous, gracious people. folks that barely knew me taking me into their home and sharing their life with me for a few days. girls who flew from all over the country to meet and spend time with me (and others too of course). friends who took time out of their busy week (and who leave for hawaii tomorrow) to drive me three hours to the airport, even thought they had a ton of stuff to do. people who i am so incredibly blessed to call friends. i love them all dearly. thank you!

well, that is all :] remember, if you have a question, submit it on formspring and i'll be sure to answer!

also, i want to ask those of you who pray to pray for a dear friend of mine and her family. i won't say who, and i won't say why, because it's a private matter. but god knows their need and i believe in the power of prayer so, if you would, please say a quick one...every prayer counts. thank you :]

well, i'm finally home and in bed after a LONG day of traveling. it's back to the grind tomorrow (boooo) but it turns out i WILL get to meet john mayer tomorrow night...so that makes the work day totally worth it.

goodnight y'all!


Rasha said...

loved learning aboutcha!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about the Halloween thing!

CaL said...

Uhhh...NOT silly! Halloween is the best! I get overly excited for it way too early in the year...(like as soon as Halloween's over..heh!)
Oh & stay tuned for the giveaway on my blog later this week! (I just added you button!)