Friday, March 26, 2010

is it friday already?

oh is. here is this week's photobooth friday:

that is my pathetic face. and yes, those are my (still) unfinished bedroom walls behind me. don't judge.

happy friday everyone...i'm going to go see if i can keep a glass of water down...



Lindsay said...

More like having a hangover sucks, LOL :) woman go finish your room!!! Even though you dont feel well you still look like a cutie patootie :)
P.S. Hope your hangover passes quickly :)

michelle said...

it really isn't a hangover. like, really. one, i only had like, 2 drinks last night, and two, i have multiple crewmembers out with this same bug. i usually don't get stomach viruses, but i guess this one worked it's way through my immune system's front line of defense... booooooo.

Carol Anne said...

aaawww emjay! i hope you feel better soon! being sick really does suck!!

amy lapi said...

awww emjay. feel better doll!

if it makes you feel any better, my wall looked exactly like that for like a month... and i wasn't sick... <3

erinsunday said...

Saaaaaaaaad face!

Feel better!

Bekah said... poor thing. I hope you feel better.

tiphaniefaith said...

Hope you feel better soon! :(