Monday, August 31, 2009

a new blog that you should *totally* add to your bookmark toolbar. some of you may know my best friend, brittany, personally, and others of you may have heard me speak of her or read about her on my blog. well after much deliberation on her part, and encouragement on mine, she has started her own blog! yay! so here are a few things to help you get to know her a bit better

-we have been best friends for over 20 years
-she recently uprooted herself from life down here in south louisiana and moved to lexington, ky (i miss her dearly!)
-she went to school for interior design
-she's a crafter and a painter and an inspiration to me :]

you can find out more by visiting her blog, :] and leave her some love!

okie dokie's bedtime for me. i have a long day tomorrow. sweet dreams of cupcakes and kittens :]


weekend wrap-up

brought to you by

it's true

so here's photobooth friday and happy ears :]

this is how i've been feeling for two days now. sneezy, stuffy, watery, itchy, name it. its hard to whittle down the to-do list when you feel like poop. :/

but on a happy note, i've got some good music to share with are the top five songs that have been inspiring me this week...

1. o valencia! by the decemberists. yummmm
2. mykonos by fleet foxes
3. shadows by au revoir simone
4. notion by kings of leon
5. lisztomania by phoenix

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i mean, for can you not lovelovelove these songs??? ah...

while we're on the subject of music, you should really check out rachel & jesse. rachel and i were in choir together as children and her older brother was even my first boyfriend (hehe). she has now grown up into a beautiful and talented young woman. her voice is absolutely stunning. anywho, check her and her friend, jesse, out here and take a listen. (be good or be gone is my favorite) let me know what you think, or even better, become their fan on facebook and let them know :]

alrighty folks, expect another post tonight :]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

getting ready for fall...

mmm...pepper jelly and cream cheese spread over wheat thins...probably my most favorite snack for autumn! :]

i spent my day off yesterday being oh-so-productive :] here's a list of things i accomplished:

-6 loads of laundry
-cleaned both bathrooms
-found out my vacuum is broken :/
-swept and mopped ALL floors
-organized my pantry
-organized my closet
-did some anticipatory autumn decorating
-hung some artwork and shelves
-ichatted with my dear friends brit and matt
-tamed my bedroom (which was a disaster)
-washed my hair and shaved my legs :]
-bought some fresh flowers to brighten up the home

please pardon the photo camera battery is dead so i had to use the iphone...resourceful, i know :]

i hope everyone enjoys their tuesday! :]


Monday, August 24, 2009

some bear-y exciting news!

wow, that was cheesy. anywho...this just made my day:

bear hats are now available for pre-order at! click on vivianna's link in my sidebar to check them out! isn't she a doll?

ps...i spent two hours ichatting with my good friend in NYC instead of cleaning, so now i'm running behind...sad story. but-it was definitely time well wasted :]

a conversation...

photobooth friday : "geeze, sorry we're so late!"
happy ears sunday: "yeah, we kind of got held up this weekend...our sincerest apologies"
monday: "oh, that's least you're here now! you'll just owe me lunch next week."
photobooth friday : "i think we can swing that, don't you sunday?"
happy ears sunday : "absolutely"
monday: "well then, now that that's taken care of, let's get down to business"

sorry i was absent this weekend...extremely busy weekend at the restaurant. so...happy ears sunday meets monday today with a super duper extra long list of ear candy. today i have the entire day and night off and i'm spending it cleaning and organizing the house, getting it ready for my most favorite season of all :] autumn! to me, spring cleaning isn't just for spring...i like to do it for every season. for fall, the first cool front that sweeps through is the perfect time, and that time is now! it's a cool and humidity-less 70 degrees outside, and i couldn't ask for a clearer sky. the curtains are pulled back, the windows up and the crisp breeze and sunshine are pouring in to every nook and's my cleaning playlist

you'll have to click it to make it bigger :/

so what are you all doing on this cool august day?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yes please...

i want i want i want!  like, for real ones.  that i can see out of...i'm on the hunt...

Monday, August 17, 2009

happy ears sunday

a few hours late...hehe.  and it will be a short one with, unfortunately, no pictures because i have to be out of here soon!

here's the top five songs that have been inspiring me this week...

1."two weeks" by grizzly bear
2."good old fashioned nightmare" by matt and kim
3."oxford comma" by vampire weekend (warning, this song uses harsh language)
4."suicide blonde" by the weepies
5."in passing" by company of thieves

check some of these out:

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alright kiddos...hope you all have a wonderful monday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

this is a green post.

not green as in environmentally friendly, but green as in there's a lot of pictures and they all have green as the predominant color...wasn't done on purpose, but i love it all the same!

today it rained.  i love rain...except when i have to work :[  so i enjoyed it while i could this afternoon...

i also took the liberty of snapping a few's amazing some of the cool things you can find while exploring your own back yard.  my back yard is tiiiiiiiny, but there are so many beautiful things back there...see?

and as promised...a peek into my journal...

i've been writing in it a lot lately, so i thought i'd share a few (or more than a few :] ) pages with you...a few are from the beginning, a few from recent times and plenty of pages in between.

i made this journal with elsie and a few other lovely girls at the RVA weekend in springfield back in may.  i've never been a big journal keeper, but for some reason this one is different...i loved the way elsie described her journaling's not about dates and times and people and "dear journal, today i..."  it's about what you're feeling at that moment.  period.  as soon as something runs through your mind that is worth jotting down, this is where to do it.  so, here goes...

(this list is ever growing...)

(one day i will fill in the blank on the amount of sunglasses i really do soon as i track them all down!) 

 (i love shoes :] )

as you can see, my journaling style is *very* simple.  every now and then i'll randomly add a piece of fabric, or ephemera, but generally, it's just me, a blank page, and a black felt tip pen.   i think i like it best that way. :]

well lovies, it's off to another night at work...see you back here late tonight for happy ears sunday :]  i've got some gooooooood ones lined up for tonight!