Monday, June 29, 2009

hello lovlies :]

so, this is my 100th post.  seems like a milestone...a small one, but still one nonetheless.  :]  also, this morning i hit another milestone and passed the 1000 visitor mark :]  so double hooray for blogging milestones!  in honor of this exciting occasion, i've decided that it's time for another giveaway.  i want to thank y'all for the sweet comments you all leave.  i'm excited to be gathering new followers each day, and i encourage you all to drop a line whenever...i'd love to get to know some of you strangers a bit better!  so as a thank you for spending time with me here, i'll be giving away three special prizes to three special people :]  the first two prizes are one of these super cool button rings, made by me! :]

i have a huge variety of patterns and colors, including but not limited to, woodgrain, grandma florals, gingham in many colors, plaids and stripes...the list goes on and on...

the third and grand prize winner will receive this handpainted tote:

i'm in love with it and plan to make one for myself too, once i'm done with the craft swap...that seems to be taking up most of my creative time these days...

so, how do you win you ask?  here's what you do...leave a comment with your name and your favorite craft/design/art blog.  that's it!  easy as pie :]  i look forward to hearing from you all!  winners will be announced friday so hurry up and enter!

alright lovelies...time for me to hit the hay.  have a great week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

happy ears sunday

(photo credit: rami alkadi, of fake ink)

hello my lovelies :]  here is this week's edition of happy ears...

i've been listening to a lot of music from the 90's this week.  that good old, feel good, pop/rock/alternative stuff that we listened to in jr. is and will probably always be my very favorite. :]

1.  fiona apple

only one word describes her music best...lovely.  i could listen to her sultry voice and honest lyrics for hours upon hours...and never tire of it.  my favorites by her are "first taste" (in the playlist below) and "fast as you can".  i mean, really though, i love them all.

2.  the counting crows

"long december", "color blind"...the list can go on and on.  this group is so incredibly talented and can turn even the most melancholy of situations into beautiful music.  i could listen to them for days and days and days.

3.  tori amos

another beautiful woman who makes beautiful music.  while i must admit, i don't particularly enjoy everything she does...the songs that i do like, i pretty much obsess over and play on repeat :]  like "cornflake girl"

4.  alanis morisette

i mean, for could she not be included on this list?  she's "angry and bitter girl-done-wrong" turned "in love with the world".  every single one of her songs is a work of art.  every.  single.  one.  and her lyrics...gosh her lyrics...they are so honest.

5.  better than ezra

lastly, a local favorite.  i know i've included them in previous posts, but they really are incredibly talented...and of course i also love to represent local artists.  if you haven't heard of them, then you were probably living under a rock between the years 1995 and 2003 :]  my favorites include, but are not limited to, "king of new orleans", "at the stars", "in the blood" and "rosalia"

ok, now here's something new i'll be doing with sunday's happy ears posts...i will be including a playlist in each sunday's post with a song from each of the five artists featured so that you can hear a taste of what each one has to offer.  that could be fun, right? :] 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

okie dokie cupcakies...i'm off to rummage through the fridge and figure out what i'm going to do for belly's growling at me! have a wonderful sunday evening and i'll be seeing you back here soon! :]


Friday, June 26, 2009

la de dah de dah...

that's my new favorite song...i'm making it up as i go...kind of like life :]

tonight, here's what i have for you:

1.  el blog-o i currently "under construction".  i'm in the process of giving it a bit of a face lift, but since i know NOTHING about html code and what not, i'm relying on instructional websites that i find by googling things like "how to make a three column blogger template" and "how to change background on blogger page" i'm a loser, i know, but i don't have the dough to pay someone to do it, so i'm left to venture into the unknown and figure it out far i've done ok...but there's a long way to go! :]

2.  i made the most AMAZING smoothie at my parent's house this afternoon...strawberry and pineapple.  yummmmmmmmm :]

3.  this girl posted the most wonderful post was so sweet that i literally teared up :]  check it out for a list of incredibly talented ladies that you'll definitely want to check out.  i'm blessed to be able to call about half of them friends, and i can vouch and say they are all amazing. :]

4.  here's a peak at a few things i've been working on and a few materials i've been working with... things are about to get very busy over here in the robot*zombie factory come these next few weeks.  i'm participating in the craft swap sponsored by jamie, and i have 21 (yes, that's TWENTY ONE) little crafties to crank out and send to her in about 3 weeks time.  eesh, it'll be a tight deadline, but i think i can manage! :]  it's a really flippin' cool concept, and i'll be sure to keep my eyes and ears peeled for news of another one and give you all head's up so you can participate next time.

yummy felt colors

vintage dymo (actually an avery) was my mom's back in the 70's :]

my favorite fabrics :]

current project

5.  lastly, i saw this survey on janel's blog first, and since then, holly and LA's as well.  so i figured, what the heck?  so here goes...

outside my window
darkness...grass that desperately needs to be cut

i am thinking
that the gnat that's buzzing around here is very annoying...and that i can't wait til i have the cash to redo my bedroom...and that i'm excited about making things for the craft swap (i think it'll jump start my creative drive again)

i am thankful
for having such wonderful friends and family and a support system that is there for me no matter what life brings. :] 

the real life ones...

my mom


and the blogging world ones...


these folks always have words of encouragement to get me through those rough days or creative lulls.  i love them all dearly :]

from the kitchen
clean dishes waiting to be put away :]...knitting needles and a ball of eggplant colored yarn...all of my paints and canvases are strewn across the dining easel...oh yeah, and loaf of bread...also a few other favorites from the kitchen...

i am wearing
my glasses (rarity)... boy shorts....tank top

(this week's photobooth friday :] )

i am creating
a new look for my blog...finishing a painting (fairly large one)...21 craft swap items...more ruffled totebags for my etsy (and one for a special person in particular that i've had in mind since i made the very first one)

i am going
to probably not sleep much tonight...but then again, do i ever?  haha

around the house
a pile of laundry that needs to be folded...
a craft studio that desperately needs to be tamed...

an air conditioner set to 68 :]...
a fluffy cat in need of a grooming...
a bird collection...

vintage shop in springfield across from rva (can't remember the name)

pier1 (i think)

target (?)

local antique shop

one of my favorite things
these days i'm preferring iced sweet tea over hot tea because, well, it's a hundred degrees is for yankees. :]

a few plans for the rest of the week
MOW THE GRASS...swim swim swim (seriously i can't get enough) on craft swap on continuing my recovery from the flu


weee!!!!  that was fun! :]  ok, now that i've spent over an hour on a single post (hah!) it's back to the blog revamp :]  catch y'all later!


oh and ps...GEAUX TIGERS!!!!  2009 College World Series Champions! :]

pps...if you look closely, you will find this week's 52 project and photobooth friday somewhere up there :]