Monday, September 28, 2009

happy ears sunday

i'll keep this one a bit short and sweet, because really, only one band has been on my mind this week...

that's right, good ol' MGMT. i know, it's not's not fresh...but you know, it's not really that old, and i seriously - and i mean *seriously* don't think i will ever tire of them. they came on my ipod the other day as i was cruising down interstate 12, and i thought, "hey, i haven't listened to them in so long..." and in that moment, i fell in love all over again. i have a feeling that they will be making frequent appearances in future playlists over the next few months

now, if we could just get them to release some new music, eh? what is your favorite MGMT song?

lovelove and happy new week!

oh, and ps... a BIG thank you to ms kimi for doing a giveaway...i won!!! yay!

Friday, September 25, 2009

photobooth friday take two

mmm...chowing down on some shepherd's pie :] even though the temperature is still pushing 90 degrees outside, there's something about the upcoming season (fall) that i just can't shake. it still feels like summer outside, but i find myself wearing cardigans, scarves and boots...settling in at night with a hot cup of tea...depsite the fact that the new season hasn't quite arrived yet. another thing about fall is that it makes me want to cook. like, ALL the time. i love trying new recipes, and putting a new spin on traditional ones.

like most areas of my life, i like to get creative in the kitchen too :] i'm thinking of adding a new topic to my blog schedule...a weekly recipe. would any of you be interested in that? the goal is that i'll make this dish and photo each step and give a tutorial along with the recipe on the blog. my only concern is that i have a hard enough time keeping up with photobooth friday and happy ears sunday...hah. but seriously, i want to do this. i love cooking and i want to share it with you all as well! leave your vote in the comments section...i want to make sure there's even an interest before i do it! :]

by the way...if you haven't checked out the blog part over at LA's, do it now! she's so inspiring! :]

happy weekend y'all!

photobooth friday

i was hoping to have a more fun friday post for you, however, i just got called in to work :/ maybe later tonight? keep your fingers crossed :]


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i finally found the *almost* perfect pair of nerd glasses. i love this shape and weight, etc, however i'm thinking (mainly because of my coloring) of getting them in tortoise shell rather than black. i have small face and semi-delicate features and i think that coppery brown color will be a bit softer and suit me better. what do you guys think? once i find the perfect pair of frames, i will be getting real life lenses in them so i can wear them all the time and still see! i really don't think i can make you understand how flippin' excited i am about all of this. it's kind of ridiculous :]

also, i am in love with these two ensembles (found via polyvore :] )

and to welcome the new season, here is some autumn inspiration...

i love you all and appreciate that you all check in from time to time to read :] i know i'm not always consistent, and i do take blogging breaks, but its exciting to know that you all stick with me and stand by for the new stuff! :] and speaking of new of my trip to san francisco coming sooooooon!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's that time of year again...

sooooo, i'm pretty bummed that i missed this:

at this magical place:

with these lovely ladies...

i should just move to the midwest already...lately i've been resisting the urge to just pick up and move myself somewhere new...but the urges keep getting stronger and stronger...hmmmm

but on a happy note, here's something that i have to look forward too...(cue jaws music)

yesssssss! college football starts tonight and the tigers are ready to kick some tail! do i smell another national championship? i think so! so today i'll leave you with a few photos to get you pumped up for the game tonight...

ahhh, death valley...there's no place like home! :]

whether you are rooting for the best football team everrrrr, LSU, or some other wimpy team (i kid, i kid) there's nothing like a little college football to ring in the new autumn season! have a wonderful saturday!!!


ps...we really do have the best fans...there's no arguing that

haha, and the most creative :]

Friday, September 4, 2009

oh yes, and photobooth friday!

pumpkin spiceeeeeeeee

i've literally had 6 of these since they came out on tuesday...i will NEVER get enough :]

more new things being added to the etsy every day :]

check it out: button earrings!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new kit up in etsy!

autumn*loves, a limited edition mini-book kit is now available from aquafrolic! here's what i made with mine:

i'm *so* excited to fill this thing with pictures. there are limited supplies, so get yours while you can! here are a few close ups of some of the details:

this kit also includes a collection of emjay original illustrations on canvas patches :] take a look:

for 32 dollars, plus the cost of shipping, you get all of this:

Autumn loves album kit includes:

2 chipboard cover pieces – 6x6

10 cardstock pages – 5x6 and 6x6 assortment

2 owl patterned paper pages – 6x6

assortment of patterned paper accent pieces

square chipboard – 4x4

“autumn loves” title stickers for front page

felt squares in eggplant, pumpkin, ochre, mustard and olive

1 arithmetic flash card

2 vintage playing cards

1 elementary school penmanship stationery page

1 vintage receipt

1 vintage recipe

assortment of ephemera

2 strips of fall themed ribbon

3 felt flowers

10 assorted buttons in complimentary colors

1 felted wool leaf

10 dymo words, including page titles and autumn inspired words

1 bundle of twigs for embellisment

I journaling sticker

3 fabric scraps in complimentary patterns/colors

embroidery floss in complimentary color

green pompom trim

bundle of spiced pumpkin colored yarn (for binding and embellishment)

woodgrain contact paper – 6x16

limited edition canvas patches with emjay original illustrations:

September, October, November, 2009

4 borders

“crisp” with apple

“cool weather” with clouds

“pumpkin spice” with a coffee shop latte

“spice cake” with a muffin

“autumn loves”

large hand painted apple tree patch for front cover

this kit includes everything you need to make the autumn loves album shown in the photos. basic craft supplies such as adhesive, scissors, paper trimmer and pen will be needed. for 32 dollars, that's a steal! plus, the album is oh-so-much fun to make :]

it's up for sale now so grab yours while there's still some left! a halloween themed kit will be available this week as well...eeeek!

also coming to the shop this week...fall hair bows including leather! and button earring to match the button rings. geeze louise, so much goodness! keep checking back for updates!




details for autumn kit coming tonight!