Wednesday, January 30, 2008

...photog envy...

i am turning green with envy over these lovelies...i want them!

the lomography fisheye camera from urban outfitters...

the holga camera from urban outfitters...

and the pèice de résistance...the canon rebel xti. i am saving every last penny i have so that i can get this beauty! i'm anxious with anticipation...the day seems like it will never come!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...all things inspired...

i didn't do much over the weekend, but work. my sleeping patterns are so screwed up! however, last night, my best friend brittany came over for an old school slumber party and we had sooooo much fun! i made a few cards, painted a little canvas, played around with some mixed media, and baked the most delicious cake EVER. it was awesome! pics to come this week, as soon as my battery gets charged!

what inspires you? so many things in this world are so beautiful. here are a few things that are inspiring me right now...

tonight is yoga night with mom, but when i get home, i can't wait to dive back into painting. i've got so many pots on the stove, so to speak. i'm working on some card sets for my etsy shop, along with some fun mixed media work, trying to get at least a little scrapping done, and working on various mini books and journals and such. too many things i want to do and way too little time! what's a girl to do?

*it's carnival time!*

MARDI GRAS IS HERE! i absolutely cannot wait to go to the Spanish Town parade with Brit this weekend in downtown BR. Mardi Gras is one of my favorite times of year! it's the start of spring...delicious king costumers...great colors...interesting's fantastic! as i sign out (time to go catch lunch with BeckBeck), i'll leave you all with some Mardi Gras eye candy...hoorah!

well that about does it for me, i'm out.


Friday, January 25, 2008

*i* love elsie!

ok, so the woman who has been such a creative inspiration to me is finally going to release her new book! ever since picking up 52 scrapbooking challenges by elsie flannigan, i have been awaiting the day that there be a sequel, and in may, my dream will come true! elsie is such an inspiration to "rebels" of the scrap world. throwing tradition out the window, she uses bright colors, unconventional embellishments and creative picture editing to showcase her eclectic and infectious style. i abosultely love pretty much anything she does, and this is no exception! the new "book" is a box of recipe cards...such a great idea! here are some sneak peeks from her blog, a beautiful mess

the idea is that instead of having a huge book spread out on your layout table, you can pull the particular card you wish to use as inspiration, and place it next to your workspace, or tack it to the wall in front of you, etc. a space saving solution for inspiration books! how clever! i think my favorite part of the whole thing is the back of the card. each card has the "recipe" for the layout printed on the back. so for those of you who love her style, but can't ever seem to get it quite right, her step by step instructions can be found on the back of every card!

well, on that note, i'm going to sign out for today. i have to work a pretty long weekend, so maybe sunday i'll be able to get a few things together to post some eye candy up here. wouldn't that be lovely?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so i lied...

well, i know i said i was going to have some fun stuff to look at when i came back, but i lied. i had every intention of crafting all weekend, but my plans were foiled. brit ended up having to leave early on saturday, and it sort of killed my creative spirit for the day. sunday was too incredibly busy to get anything done in the studio, so alas, i have nothing.

i did however complete a book brit brought over for me to read. started sunday evening and finished at around 1 this morning. it was good...everyone worth knowing by lauren can find it's typical "chick lit" guilty pleasure!

i woke up early this morning (even after getting to bed soooooo late) to get a 30 minute yoga session in before work, and i think this is going to be my new routine. i am so not a morning person, and absolutely hate getting up even one second before i absolutely have to, but i feel so good! i was able to get the 30 minute yoga in, plus i cooked lunch, ate breakfast, drank a cup of chai and got's so great to not feel rushed! we'll see if i can keep it up. hah.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my first...ever

so...this is my first blog ever. i've never had a blog before, but i felt that now is the perfect time in my life to dive in the the wonderful world of sharing my passions with the world...or whoever may find me. i'm pretty stoked about it, actually...however cheesy that may be.

i apologize for the banner up's a very rudimentary rendition of what i would like for it to look like, but give me some credit. i made it in publisher.

i'm not entirely sure of who all will be reading this, if anyone, as i have not really added any tags or such...that would require a bit of time that i do not have right now. i'm hoping to have something better up really soon.

i'm not sure as to when i'll be posting again, but i do know that when the time comes, i will have pics of what i've been up to in the creative world and hopefully that new banner...but until then...