Tuesday, February 19, 2008

yoga night!

it's tuesday, which means yoga night with mom! i picked up a few pounds of crawfish as a treat for mom, dad and liz. they were so yummy and went perfect with dad's red beans! yoga was fun and now we're just riding out the time until the gym clears out and then the hubs and i will be spending a couple of hours there. he's such a great personal trainer. he's been teaching me a lot! anywho...

i found this picture on my sis's computer (the one i happen to be using now) and they make me laugh.!

michelle, the jamaican tribal princess:

attractive, isn't it?

airplane fun...

big sunglasses are fun!

smile! you're on underwater camera!

this one's really tiny, but it's a fun one of me and the seester...i love her!

like i said, big sunglasses are fun! however, this photo was taken when sunglasses this big weren't completely in style yet. now, the one's i wear everyday are even bigger! :]

so...i made a mini painting as a trial for a big one (or group of ones) that i want to make for someone special (i can't say who because, well, it's a surprise) it worked out well, but not entirely like i had envisioned...i think i'm going to play around a bit more with mixing the right colors, and then possibly do another trial before i commit to my big canvas... :] i hope she loves it!

well...one more episode of just shoot me and then it's off to the gym! i'm desperate to get my pre-attached body back!

so with that said...it's tata for now!

love, meesh

Saturday, February 16, 2008

...real quick...

in pine, visiting the hubs' family. leckey, stacy and the kids were down, so we ran by the church in lecompte to see how the new worship building was coming along, and i'm happy to say that it's looking great! :) yay for the congregation...they've been waiting for the new building for sooo long.

anywho...gotta go for now. catch you on the flip side!


Friday, February 15, 2008

absence makes the heart grow fonder...right?

it's been a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time since i've posted and i'm sorry for that. i've been adjusting to my new job description and new schedule, plus the hubs came home and we're desperately trying to get internet at the house. i'm just going to post a couple of things, and unfortunately no eye candy this time. this little post will have to do until the internet gets hooked up.

first things first...
if you haven't checked out Elsie's new line DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! it's absolutely fabulous. my favorite is forrest, but they're all wonderful! i can't wait to get my hands on all of it! :]

had a date with my sister last week. we went to see fool's gold and it was great! we also had fun taking goofy pictures with the fisheye. i'm almost done with the roll of film...just a few more pictures and i can finally get the roll developed!

hobby lobby is having a flippin' sweet sale this week, so i'm heading off to take advantage of that this morning! yesterday i picked up a few goodies at the local scrap store in watson, and i think today after hobby lobby, i'll mosey on over to coursey and check out what they have going on at scrap & co. yay for new things!!! :]

well that's about it for me today. i hope to be a little more regular once the internet gets set up! hope you all had a fabulous V-day and have a great weekend!

love, meesh

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

tons of fun!

mardi gras
so...spanish town mardi gras was a freakin blast! brittany and i had a lot of fun and caught a bunch of great beads! it pays to have friends riding in floats! pictures will be posted soon. was planning on going to mamou for the street dance on lundi gras, but after i got off of work, i was too pooped to make the two hour drive to meet gwen in turkey creek, so i cancelled. instead, i spent the night curled up with a hot cup of earl grey and a good book. not your typical mardi gras festivities, but i think saturday was enough for this year.
now that mardi gras is over, it's ash wednesday and lent is now underway. i'm not catholic, but since my mom's family is, i've always been encouraged to give something up each year. although there's only a few weeks betweem mardi gras and easter, it's still a bit difficult to give up something dear to you. this year, i'm planning to give up cokes and fast food. and i mean it this time! i'm hoping that since i won't be doing near as much traveling for work, that i won't be too tempted to swing by the nearest drive through every morning for breakfast. sigh...but chicken biscuits and iced coffee from burger king are incredibly hard to give up. and as for cokes, well it's been almost three weeks since i've had one, and i figured that lent was as good as a time as any to continue my caffeinated and carbonated abstinence.
good times!
so yesterday the seester and i went shopping and i finally broke down and bought the fisheye camera from urban outfitters. we had a lot of fun taking goofy pictures in the car, and as soon as i finish the roll of film, i'm running straight to walmart to get them developed. i can't wait to see them!

closing thoughts...
**the hubs is supposed to come home this weekend (yay!) so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get pushed back. unfortunately, though, they have another job lined up for him as soon as he gets back so there's no telling how long he will be home. :(
**have a fun day planned...sushi lunch with becky (i miss working downtown with her!) margaritas with skye tonight (we haven't had a date since before my wedding!!!!) this should be a great day!
**a little eye candy for fun...just a few of the many reasons i love living in louisiana

cypress trees...king cake...



Sunday, February 3, 2008


it's super bowl day! watch out shrimp po-boys and spinach dip, here i come!

Friday, February 1, 2008

coming full circle...

so today marks a milestone for me in my professional life. today is my last day at the restaurant support office for raising cane's chicken fingers, the company i have worked for the last 4 1/2 years. in may of 2003, i started out as a new crewmember, learning the ropes of the quick service restaurant industry, and after climbing the ladder all the way up to the corporate office, i'm making my way back to the store that started it all. i am excited to be embarking on the new journey, and excited to see where the road takes me. i'm a little nervous about working in an environment so different than the one i've become accustomed to for the last year and a half, but i know that everyone at raising cane's is family to me, so no matter where i go in the company, i know i'm always at home. my now former boss sent me these gorgeous lovelies as a thank you for all of my "hard work" and dedication.

i nearly teared up at his kind words. it feels good to know that you've had an impact on people. i'm sad to pack up my things and tell all of these fantastic colleagues goodbye. even though we'll be keeping in touch through email, it's still hard to think about not seeing them everyday.

now, on to less sappy things...some crafting fun! below are a few things i've been working on...

1. a card for a sick manager at work. he's my age and had to undergo open heart surgery! very scary!

2. some jewelry for my etsy shop...tell me what you think...the pictures aren't very good quality, and i apologize for that!

this little beauty's name is Margo:

and this is her sister, Madeline:

both will be for sale, along with other pendants, in my etsy shop soon! i'll keep you posted! :]

3. lastly, for a good laugh...my kitten, Roxie, likes to find her way into the strangest places. i came across a couple of photos of her earlier, and i thought i'd share them with you all...she's such a cutie!

sleeping in the Christmas tree...

rummaging through my purse...

helping her mommy cook...

Roxie want a cracker? this is her absolute favorite perching spot. she prefers her daddy's shoulder, because it is much broader, although since daddy's gone a lot, she has decided that her mommy's isn't so bad. i think this is her way of getting you to pay attention to her while you're busy doing other things.

and lastly, i have no words for this...

she's one crazy kitten, but we love her!