Saturday, February 27, 2010

photobooth friday

this is how i feel...
yep. that about sums it up! i have worked 6 straight days, a total of 61 hours, 17 of which were today. my feet hurt, my head hurts, all of my joints hurt and i'm pretty sure my brain hurts too. even my hair hurts! (i hate when that happens!)

note: many of you have mentioned how nice my paycheck will be from OT...haha, i wish! as a member of upper management, i am a salaried employee. and while my salary is GREAT, the OT hours kinda suck.

so with that said, i want to apologize for not being around much this week.

and now i'm going to bed :] night.


Friday, February 19, 2010

photoabooth friday fun :]

i got a little carried away with this week's photobooth friday...hehe :]

ps, i'm part of a HUGE giveaway over at pixies and bears! there seven uh-may-zinggg crafters taking part in a blog scavenger hunt and giving away a slew of goods, so check it out! if you're visiting from one of the blogs involved in the hunt, welcome! :]

pss, after baking linds' king cake from the mardi gras giveaway (my favorite bakery closed so i made it myself!) i decide to make another one today for me :] even though mardi gras is over, i'm still in the spirit! will be posting pictures from fat tuesday in new orleans this weekend :]

hope you all have a fabulous friday!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

taco time

going to have a little girl fun with my sister, liz and our good friend amanda (aka gwen) we're planning a night of movies, tacos and brownies and lots of gossip. :]

ps, had a *blast* in new orleans yesterday for mardi gras :] i'll be back soon with some photos i snapped from my phone. i'm sad that i didn't get many :/

love youuuuu!

Friday, February 12, 2010

photbooth friday - sneaux edition!

in leu of our typical photobooth friday festivities, i have decided to post pictures of our snow day down here in south louisiana :] while some of you folks might have jumped on that global warming bandwagon, these photos are proof otherwise :] three snows in 14 months...that has NEVER happened. like, no...for real. NEVER! so without further ado...our snow day :]

my little snowman...don't judge my clothes. i had to layer :]

we both look rough with day old smeared makeup and bags under our eyes...but in our defense, we were woken by our dad at 6am with shouts of "girls! girls! it's snowing! get up! get up!" and of course, we followed :]

hello snow!

we found that jingles mainly liked to lick the snow of of our faces.

such a pretty kitty. even though i love my rox (my cat at my house) i do miss snuggling with mr. jingles. he's a cuddler, that's for sure

is it tacky for me to want to yell "WHO DAT" every time i see a fleur de lis? hehe (go saints!)

the snow had just started at this point...we ended up having about 3 inches of accumulation, but it melted around noon. :/

it snowed from 6am until 10:30...and the flakes were so fat!

lizzer couldn't resist a reenactment of a christmas story :]

well there you have it guys...i know that a few snow flakes are small potatoes to a good bit of you who are reading this, but dude...down here, this is a miracle! fo sho.

hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! i'm off to the spanish town mardi gras parade tomorrow in downtown baton rouge :] i'll be sure to take lots of photos to share! :]


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


thank you danielle for my new banner! :] i love it! :]

i'm baaaaack!

internet is fixed and i can't tell you how relieved i am! it feels nice to be connected to the online world again! i'd have just died if i didn't have my iphone to cope through this long dark week! :] i wanted to send a BIG thank you to ashley, anna and carrie for guest blogging in my absence! their posts were so great to read!

here are a few projects i've been working on this past week...

mini paintings for some friends :]

i am thinking about selling these in an 8x10 if you're interested. they're on canvas paper, not stretched canvas, so very affordable! :] send me an email...they were so much fun to make!

i've also been commissioned for another address book, after lindsay posted about hers :] here are a few shots of the first couple of stages...

it's been so much fun to work on! i'm working on handwriting all of the inside pages. once again, if you're interested in purchasing one, send me an email :]

well guys, it's off to work on my budget/pay bills. i'm desperately trying to finish rounding up the funds for this springfield trip! it's in less than a month!

love youuuu!

Recycle t-shirt bag

Hey my name is Carrie I am honored to fill in for Ms. Emjay today. I want to share a very cute and easy project. Lets get started... :D

you need a child's t-shirt (this one is a 10-12) this is super cute if you have a t-shirt that maybe your kid has outgrown but it is still a fave or any cute shirt from a thrift store will do.
Cut the arms, neck, and about an inch off the bottom
turn inside out and hem the bottom (I forgot to get pics of this part) then flip right side out I tied the arm holes with some matching yarn.
and voile a cute little bag!
I hope ya'll enjoy this little project stop by my blog and say Hey!

Peace and Hugs

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve...Literally.

Hi all! My name is Anna Joy and I am super excited to be guest blogging for Emjay today!

In honor of Valentine's, I decided to do a really quick, fun, easy, and super cheap DIY...Sweetheart Brooches!

1. 2 different pieces of scrap fabric (one for front and one for back)
2. Xacto Knife
3. Fabric paint
4. Sponge brush
5. Needle and thread
6. Felt
7. Pin back
8. Scissors
9. Pencil
10. Freezer paper

1. Sketch out the name of your sweetie(s) (I did one for my honey and one for our son) in whatever size you want on your freezer paper on the side that has tooth (or isn't shiny). I faintly drew hearts around them to see how big they might be. After you are satisfied, cut them out with an xacto knife.

2. Iron your freezer paper shiny side down on your fabric that is right side up until it is adhered on well.

3. Dab the fabric paint with your sponge brush gently. Don't glob it on right away. Do many light coats until it you can't see anymore fabric underneath. Let it dry for 15 minutes or so.

4. Peel fabric paper away slowly. This is what it should look like.

5. Lightly draw hearts around the name and then cut it out. Then lay out your new cut out heart and trace it around your backing scrap fabric and then cut that out.

6. Take your backing fabric and sew your pin back on it. There are many tutorials online to show you how to do this if you don't know how. Here's one that is very helpful from Polka Dot Pineapple .

7. Take your front and back scrap fabrics and start stitching around the heart. I started at the top half. Stop after you get a little more than half way done.

8. Stuff your little heart and then finish sewing. It's okay if your stuffing is overflowing out of your heart.

9. You're done! Trim your heart and clean it up if you need to.

10. Wear it on your sweater or put it on your bag and let everyone see who your sweetheart(s) is/are! You can also embroider your name if you don't have freezer paper. I decided to embroider a little spool and needle because I sure do love sewing.

I hope everyone enjoyed my little DIY! Come check me out at Anna's Joy and be friends with me!

Thank again Emjay for letting me come hang out today! We can't wait to have you back!

Here's one more thing to perk up your Monday :)

Have a great week and happy Valentine's day everyone!

And Go Saints!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi Emjay fans!
I'm Ashley from Almost Exactly - and I'm so excited that Emjay invited me to guest blog!

So I racked my brain for something to guest-blog about...and it was a little hard since my brain has been full of red, pink, white, and hearts lately!
That's it! We're totally going to have a Valentine's Day mini-party right here!

So here's some inspiration I found on
[click on photos to get to the link!]

Cute, right? If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then here is some cute Valentine's Day DIY:

[click on pictures to get to link!]

Alright, so that's all of me, now that I've shared my valentine's day inspiration! I hope you all have a great weekend...and Valentine's Day!