Saturday, February 27, 2010

photobooth friday

this is how i feel...
yep. that about sums it up! i have worked 6 straight days, a total of 61 hours, 17 of which were today. my feet hurt, my head hurts, all of my joints hurt and i'm pretty sure my brain hurts too. even my hair hurts! (i hate when that happens!)

note: many of you have mentioned how nice my paycheck will be from OT...haha, i wish! as a member of upper management, i am a salaried employee. and while my salary is GREAT, the OT hours kinda suck.

so with that said, i want to apologize for not being around much this week.

and now i'm going to bed :] night.



Jamie said...

Goodness, girl! You definitely need a vaca and some time for yourself!!! Good times ahead soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude, yeah, vacation probably sounds like the best to you right now.
but hey... at least you made bank this week!
61 hours?!
i was only allowed to work 30 hours every two weeks, when i had a job.
then again, i was 16, and in hs. lol

Lace said...

How am I just finding you? You are so cute! & guess what lady cakes? You're just up the road from me! I live on the North Shore :)

Lace said...

Oh & I bet you've totally served me up some chicken fingers at some point... up until 2 weeks ago I was a part time BR resident(eh, breakups). Small little world.

Chaucee said...

Wow talk about working to the bone! At least you have some nice overtime hours!