Saturday, May 30, 2009


thanks to danielle for that lovely new nickname!  i do sort of like the idea of robot zombies...the term has sparked ideas for new's such an adorable thought...cutesie robot zombies! :]

soooooooo today is photobooth friday!!!  hip hip hooray!  my wonderful fellow crafter, jari, is joining kimi, janel and me so check hers out this week!  she's so flippin' adorable :]

4/52 (a day late...) mama needs a pedicure!  

snapped this while waiting for the oh-so-slow lady at the BBQ place to fix my pate so i could get to work!  the food was worth the wait though... :]  but my toenails...ick...there's no excuse for the horribly chipped polish.

the honesysuckle are in full bloom down here in louisiana.  the aroma is so strong, i can smell them across the's definitely one of my favorite smells of summer...along with fresh cut grass, swimming pool hair and tanned skin (yes, tanned skin has a special smell :] )  did any of you ever eat the honey from honeysuckle growing up?  i haven't in years, so this morning i decided to do it for old times sake.  it tasted just as great as remembered it.  sucks though that you only get one drop per flower. :[

bad photo quality in those two...i took them with my phone :]

so tonight i'm am listening to enya and teaching myself to knit.  for reals this time (at least i hope)  to help, i bought a few educational books...

this is me:

and this is what i am when it comes to knitting and crocheting...

so hopefully with the help of a few tools...

i'll be knitting in no time! (at least that's the plan...)

i really want to knit some cute little stuffed animal thingies...and a scarf.  and i want to be a cool guerilla knitta like janel.  let's see how far i get tonight... :]

alright fellow's 3am and time to get back to it.  see you on the flip side!


biscuit said...

awww! yes! :) make it into a wallpaper so i can put it on my computer! :D

funny thing, i actually learned to crochet last night! i'm making a scarf right now, kinda ghetto, but it's so much fun!

yay for self taught craft people!

vivianna said...

if you ever need help we can Skype and I can try to show you some things ;) Also, just email me with any knitting question you have.

love youuuuu!