Thursday, May 14, 2009


as kimi so graciously reminded me in the comment section of my last post ( :] ) today is thursday which means it's 52 project day :]  i would like to go on the record as saying that i *did* remember and *did* take a self portrait, but i got called into work, and here i am now, a mere 30 minutes to midnight rushing and rushing to post it in time to meet the deadline :]  so without further ado...

it gives you a better look at my new cut too...i rewashed it and styled it on my own this morning.  they can never seem to get it right at the salon...i guess when you have hair as temperamental as mine, that's just how it goes.  i was feeling very jenny lewis while editing this photo...ahh...think i'll go put her on right now and veg out :]

happy happy thursday!

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kimi said...

ahhh, you rock! i love the style and your bangs. totally cute! ok, i should probably hop in also so that i won't give you a hard time for doing it...but think i will make mine on Wednesdays :) or Tuesdays.