Monday, June 1, 2009

happy ears, baby kitten and a giveaway!!!

sooooo, i spent the entire night crafting and partying over at elsie's blog party...didn't crash until 5am!  so in light of a wonderful night, i have a few things for you...

first:  happy ears sunday! (i began writing this post last night, so it counts!) :]  i've been doing a lot of crafting this week, therefore listening to a lot of rad music.  here are a few of my favorites today:

1.  simon and oldy but such a goody!  their music is timeless and so peaceful :] i can never get enough.

2.  "nightingale song" by toad the wet sprocket.  holy cupcakes that song is sooo beautiful.

3.  "living room" by tegan and sarah.  i think it would be really hard for me to ever not like this song.

4.  the mama mia soundtrack... i love abba and i adore the movie.  it's super fun to blare it and sing at the top of  your lungs while driving down the interstate :]

5.  i've been listening to a lot of the decemberists lately.  if you haven't picked up their new album, the hazards of love, you reeeeaaaaaly should!  it's magical!

so, i heard the saddest thing the other of my crewmembers found an abandoned litter of kittens.  they were only 2 weeks old - half of them didn't even have their eyes open yet!  she was desperately trying to find homes for them all so that she wouldn't have to take them to a shelter...and how could i say no?  so i gave this little guy/gal a warm and loving home...

(better picture soon, i's hard to get him to stay still!)
he's so stinkin' cute and so stinkin' tiny!  he can fit in one of my hands. :] since he's so young, he should technically still be nursing, but since mama kitty ran off, i have been bottle feeding it kitten formula every 2-3 hours, around the clock.  it's been a challenge, but it's totally worth it to know that i saved it from a possible traumatic life and death.  he's such a cute little fellow and so loving.  i can't wait for him to become a bit more playful as he gets older. :] 

well now that you two have become acquainted, this brings me to the next thing on my agenda for today...a giveaway!!!  it's the first giveaway on my blog, so i figured it was about time. :]  here's the challenge...i can't think of a name for my new little friend, so i'm going to leave it up to you guys!  since i'm still not sure of the kitten's gender, names should be fairly androgynous, and being adorable is a must!  he's gray and a dark ashy brown with tee tiny little tiger stripes all over.  he has pretty blue eyes too :]  his big brother's name is rox, if that helps any (it's shortened from roxie...we thought he was a girl until he was about 8 months old :] oops!)  please leave your name, email address (or other way to contact you) and the name(s) for my little one that you'd like considered.  the person who comes up with the winning name will get one of these lovelies:

coming soon to the shop!
this one shown is my personal tote that i use every single day :]  it's so versatile and easy to carry.  here is what yours will look like:

i'll send an email to the winner and you can choose your own personal message for me to paint at the top.  mine says "so crafty".  i'll pick a winner in about a week so get those gears spinning!

last, but totally not least, here are my entries for creative challenge #1 over at the blog party.
the challenge was to create a piece of art that is inspired by one of your favorite movies...

this one isn't quite a movie yet, but it will be soon, so i included it...this is inspired by "where the wild things are".  


my piece:
i hate that you see my shadow in the photo!

the second was inspired by this lovely movie...

i took inspiration from the colors in the film.  also, my favorite quote from the movie is written out... "i wonder if the three of us would've been friends in real life - not as brothers but as people."

i hope you all have an inspiring monday to start off this wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

sterling. i love that name!

jari spry said...

ok i'll put my thinking cap on! (if i can find it!) and get back to you!

and i loooove your artpieces! xo!

Miss Wanderlust said...

I think Punky :)
I soooo want that bag!

michelle and brittany said...

you know, janel, as i was making the bag, i actually thought of you. for some reason, it looks like it belongs on your arm :]

kimi said...

i think Max is cute for a cat
Max and Rox :)
i had a cat i thought was a boy, named him oscar and he turned out to be a girl...Oscarita, LOL.

Maybe Diesel, Bug, Simon...i will probably think of some more :)

killerxkim said...

wow! i love those bags.

just found your blog! how exciting!

rami said...

totally a cat lover! and the name i choose for that cute little kitten is nutmeg. he's got spice and a lot of color