Saturday, May 2, 2009

greetings from springfield :]

cecily and i are having sooooo much fun in springfield, it's unbelievable!  we're glad we took elsie and rachel's advice last time to come back and visit and spend a bit more time around here.  it was definitely worth it!  last time we were here, it was on such short notice that there wasn't much to do (although elsie and rachel remedied that with a lovely breakfast date at gailey's :] )  this weekend, we have met so many special people, spent more time with special people we've met before, and have had experiences that will be remembered forever.  classes with elsie, emma, rachel and LA have been so rewarding, informative, inspiring and just plain fun!!  here are a few photos from hanging out at elsie's loft and enjoying a private concert in jeremy larson's studio...

her home is so incredibly lovely!

jeremy's concert was so magical.  it was an intimate gathering of close family and friends, and of course us crafty girls :]  we all sat around his piano in the studio, and listened to him play a short set of songs.  requests were taken, stories were told, and we even got to hear a few that aren't on any albums, and some that were written specifically for elsie.  jeremy is so completely adorable - they are such a perfect fit. :]

here are a few more photos that we took to send to brittany so that she wouldn't feel like she was completely left out :]  we wish she could have been here with us!

eating lunch at nonna's and hanging out at big mamma's

cecily can't stop talking to "the boy" :]

big momma's coffee house.. delicious!!!

we were ichat-ing with brit thursday night and we couldn't figure out how to snap shot the screen.  haha...she secretly did it while we weren't expecting it and this is the result.  we look so confused!  :]

and this was, by far, the most delicious sandwhich i have EVER eaten.  i've had two this weekend already, and i'm pretty much ready for a third.  :]  turkey, pesto, honey mustard, provolone, sprouts...oh my goodness it's heaven on focaccia bread. :]

oh, and one last thing to share...

this is going to become something very special.  it's a secret for now, but i'm sure i'll be sharing soon :]



julio n carla said...

will those be something added in kc?!?! fun!!! can't wait to see!!!

it was fun meeting you! i'm sad it's over but look forward to keeping in touch!


photography4me said...

loved reading about your weekend at the RVA weekend.. I'm Angela, I was suppose to be there but had to cancel the week before. I was sooo bummed. I love your photos. Would've been nice to meet the both of you.