Tuesday, May 5, 2009


has been interesting, to say the least.  our day didn't even begin until 4pm, but we were ok with that.  we got some muuuuch needed rest.  so here's how the rest of the day went:

bad news
left over sushi
good movie
girl talk

and that's where we're at.  i wanted to leave some photos and fun stuff for you to look at, but unfortunately some things that came about this evening have left me both physically and emotionally drained.  i'll post more springfield/rva fun-ness when i'm feeling better, and maybe i'll share my woes with the blogging world one day, but for now, i'm curling up with a 20 ounce of dr pepper, my left over sushi and pride and prejudice via my macbook's dvd player.  i just need a night where i don't have to think of the stupid things going on in my life.  and that night is tonight...starting *now*

goodnight fellow bloggers and blogreaders. 



RachelDenbow said...

Oh, girl. I think a 20 ounce DP and a chick flick are probably the answer to most of life's problems. At least for the moment.

I hope things get sorted out soon and that Cecily always has DP on hand.

lacy said...

WOAH honey what in the world is going on? I am sending you love from California and drama free wishes. I wish we could bottle the RVA weekend and sell that stuff. Wishing you well and hugging you right now!Lacy