Thursday, May 21, 2009

"MJ, where have you been?"

that's been a common question asked of me throughout this past week...well here's the jist of it...

this past weekend was an emotionally difficult one for me.  i had to say goodbye to something that was once very good, but over time had eroded into something that had begun to take a huge toll on both my mental and emotional health...hell, even my physical health at some points!  i'm not comfortable, quite yet, discussing details of my current situation, but i do appreciate any support through such a difficult time.  i'm starting a new chapter in life, and i'm starting it on my own.  it's something new for me, but i have faith that i will see through to the other side.  i'm a strong person, and i know i can do this. 

so, where have i been, you ask?  i've been doing a little of this:

(i have no idea why this came out so small... 3/52)

and a whole lot of this:


and i have to admit, there's been a little of this involved as well...


with the help of these things (all of which have been *very* therapeutic :] ) and family and good friends, i'm learning to cope with my new life and i'm very optimistic about my future.



kimi said...

ahh, darling! i hope all is ok and if you ever need anyone to talk to, let me know. just know i will be here for you. thank you for the post and sad that i was bugging you to know where you have been. much loves sent your way!!
xoxo kimi

jarispry said...

sending love and hugs to you lady!
and karmel sutra is my FAVE!!!!!