Friday, May 8, 2009

so i've been thinking...

which, if you ask my dad, is never a good thing... :]

all kidding aside, i think i'm going to pick up the 365 challenge again...but with a little twist.  i have the *hardest* time keeping up with taking a photo every single day...with a full time "real" job, it's virtually impossible.  buuuutttttt, i definitely think i'm capable of 1 photo a week.  so with that, i bring you

drum roll please...

the 52 challenge!  (yessssssss!!!)  i will be adding this to my newly budding blogging schedule.  i thought about sundays, but since "happy ears" has already taken that spot, i think i'm going to settle for thursdays.  so be on the lookout!  and i urge anyone who wants to jump on the wagon to do so and let me know!  we can keep track of each other's progress via flickr or blogs! :]

soooo enjoying my new tattoo!  thanks elsie! :]
(i got done writing this post and just as i was about to publish it, i realized it was thursday...haha.  so i'm going to be lame since it's 1 in the morning and cheat for my first one...photobooth!)

ok kiddos...i've got a super long weekend ahead of the "real" job.  :/  i've so enjoyed these last ten days!  but, vacations have to end sometime!  hopefully i'll find a tiny piece of time to come back at some point over the weekend with a real post and a peek at a fuuuuunnnn project i've been working on since yesterday :]  


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Miss Wanderlust said...

yay!! I looooove your tatoo! So perfect :) love it love it love it!