Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i vow...

to get back on my blogging schedule. 

happy ears sundays
52 project thursdays 
and photobooth fridays

i promise i promise i promise!  (maybe if i say it enough times it will be so...)

oh, and i got new hair today!  thanks gwen, i love it! :]

happy hump day!  i hope you are doing something wonderful, whimisical and creative to get through your wednesday!  it's off to work for me...  :]  see you lovelies tomorrow!



kimi said...

totally cute!! I love it! what is happy ears sunday?? sounds fun!
i wish i knew of a good photobooth here in dallas...but not to be found, yet!!

love the hair lots..

kimi said...

um, excuse me ma'am...where is 52 project thursday :)

I love the idea of photobooth (mac book) fridays! I will join in :)