Thursday, April 30, 2009


we're here!  after a 3 hour late start, spending too much time at the target in ridgland, ms, and missing a turn somewhere in arkansas, we finally arrived in springfield around midnight and got settled in to our hotel around 1ish this morning.  excitement kept me awake until almost 3, and we were going to sleep late this morning, but for some reason my body decided that 5 hours was plenty of rest for such a busy busy weekend (dumb body) so here i am, awake at 8am.   

but... there are so many great things planned for this week!  we get to meet a ton of wonderful crafters from across the country, hang out with rachel and elsie again, meet emma and LA (finally!) and make lovely things!  there might be a few other surprises up our sleeves, but rest assured that i will be posting every step of the that you, (and brit who couldn't make it ) can enjoy this week with us!

make something pretty today!


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brit said...

ok so i thought yall were staying in memphas and going to graceland...