Friday, January 1, 2010

photobooth friday

it's the first photobooth friday of the new year! :]

so how's 2010 been treating you so far? here's how i spent my first day:
-rang in the new year with many glasses of champagne in the company of great friends :]
-taught the twist and the mashed potato to some latino friends, and in return, attempted to learn the salsa (i'm no good btw)
-danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning, in the kitchen of gabby's home :]
-woke up around 11 for a margarita brunch with more great friends
-brunch spilled into early dinner (the lsu game was on, we couldn't leave the restaurant until it was finished, right?)
-caught a 4:00 movie (sherlock holmes)
-and now, i'm curling up with rox, leftovers from brunch, a comfortable sweater and leggings and some old episodes of arrested development :]

if every day of 2010 is as good as the first one, then i'm looking forward to an amazing year! :]



laura said...

arrested development always leads to the best evenings!

sara said...

eeee! happy new years!

BWatts said...

you should note that "thoes great friends" are ME ME ME!!!! dont you just wish we could spend every day in 2010 together?!?!