Saturday, January 16, 2010


i almost forgot photobooth friday! (well technically it's already early early saturday morning around these parts, but we won't tell anyone, will we?)

ps, have you entered the giveaway below yet? you should!!!! hehe



sara said...

i like the artwork behind you :)

Lindsay said...

you are so pretty Meesh!!!

Jamie said...

You sure are a pretty girl.

If I had left that anonymously, would you have laughed or been creeped out? Haha. Love you! xoxo

Emma Leigh said...

That's crazy that you went to school there! thats where I am from :)

love your nail polish in this picture by the way!

Jenn said...

I am glad I found your blog! =) Yay for fello crafters! P.S. you do not need to lose weight!

Jennifer said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by....The paint on the dining room walls is Ralph Lauren paint from Home Depot in Shale Blue ( VM124)...You can see the finished room here ( )
to see if you like the color.

Wishing you well,

amy lapi said...

you're beautiful! xo

Just Sweet Love said...

EMJAY!!!!! Love your bangs in this shot! xxo