Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my year in iphone photos...

i got my first iphone back in's my version of the ever popular blog post "2009: a year in review"

beautiful spring weather:

moving my best friend, brittany, to ky :/

beautiful blossoms:

great times at work:

packing up the car for the second trip to springfield of the year...

eating lunch at big mama's every day while we were there:

visiting with elsie in her home:

and studio:

private concert from jeremy larson in his dreamy studio:

meeting silje:

getting tattood:

buying lots of new shoes:

painting tons...

rescuing an abandoned baby kitten:

*RIP little nutmeg, i miss you sweet kitten :/ *

starting my first journal:

redecorating my home:

LSU football:

saturday nights in death valley:

geaux tigers!

spending much needed time, even if it was short, with my bestie:

the second snow in south louisiana in a two year period...seriously think it had never happened before:


Lindsay said...

cute!!! love all your pictures!! Hope 2010 is awesome for you! I just posted my new year blog, you should check it out!

laura said...

this is just too cute!

Jamie said...

I love all your pics! I can't wait to hang out with you in 2010 and oh yes, we will! =)
And I want an Emjay original painting!!! We should work out a trade or something! ;)
Happy new year, Love! Amazing things are to come! xoxo