Tuesday, January 5, 2010



i've created my list of goals for twenty ten :] however, i'm working on a creative way to deliver them to the masses. while i'm working on that, i'm still planning on starting to realize these goals now.

goal #17: take a photo everyday.

now, most of these will be with my iphone, of course, because i *never* have my real camera with me. but thanks to danielle, erin and steven, i now have a lot of super cool iphone camera apps to play around with! this goal goes hand in hand with another goal for 2010...

goal #5: blog something every day.

it doesn't matter if it's just one line and a photo, or a whole novel. something *must* be posted every day. since i'm not the novel writing type, a lot of these posts will probably be photos of the day. but i'm ok with that. killing two birds with one stone is not considered cheating, right? :]

by combining these two goals together, it will be a fun and easy way to share the fruits of goal #17 with all of you wonderful folks, and it'll give me material to use for goal #5 on those days where you really just have nothing all that exciting going down. i mean who wants to read a blog about me sitting in my pajama's watching reruns of "major dad" from sun up to sun down? i think a photo of a dandelion would be much more interesting :]

ps...i'm learning to crochet tonight :] (that's 1/3 of goal #12!)
pss...i wish i would have smuggled these from brittany's suitcase when she was in town last week. drats.




BWatts said...

i am taking a picture everyday in 2010 also!!! and thank you for not steeling my sparkly shoes i would be a very sad little girl!

Lindsay said...

yay for crocheting! Who is teaching you? cant wait to see what you make!!

Jacque said...

OO those are cute shoes! I love your goals! Can't wait to read more of them!!