Friday, January 8, 2010


i've had countless inquiries about my nail polish in january 1st's edition of photobooth friday, so for all you teal loving fools out there, here you go:

color name: tropical
brand: LA Girl FLARE

i bought mine at urban outfitters, who regularly carries the brand (you can find it at the register counter). i've also seen the same brand at forever 21 in the past, but not recently, and i usually never saw the same colors as urban. i'm sure if you search online you might be able to find it as well. they carry an awesome acid green color, as well as some fun purples and fuscias...and most recently for winter, GLITTER! :]

happy polish hunting :]


Carrie said...

I love the color and with glitter very cool!

Amanda said...

I just seen that same picture on your page :) that would be a very cute tat to get, I think you should go for it!!i'm a follower ;)


amy lapi said...

that color is perf! i've seen it before, i have to get my hands on some ( pun intended)

Jacque said...

oo lovely teal nails!! Love it! I'm a big fan of glitter polish although it's very tough to remove!!

sarah ann said...

okay hellllo love that color of nail polish. i am a nail polish fantic.

sarah ann

Allison Drew said...

Girl, I discovered your blog not too long ago and l've become such a fan. you're so cute and sassy.