Friday, February 19, 2010

photoabooth friday fun :]

i got a little carried away with this week's photobooth friday...hehe :]

ps, i'm part of a HUGE giveaway over at pixies and bears! there seven uh-may-zinggg crafters taking part in a blog scavenger hunt and giving away a slew of goods, so check it out! if you're visiting from one of the blogs involved in the hunt, welcome! :]

pss, after baking linds' king cake from the mardi gras giveaway (my favorite bakery closed so i made it myself!) i decide to make another one today for me :] even though mardi gras is over, i'm still in the spirit! will be posting pictures from fat tuesday in new orleans this weekend :]

hope you all have a fabulous friday!



Lindsay said...

oh I cant wait to get the king cake!!! your pics are so cute!!! You are so pretty Meesh!!!! Love you!! cant wait to see your face in a few weeks!!

Jamie said...

Looved the painting you did for the giveaway!!!! 2 weeks and I see you!!! Less than 2 weeks now. eeeeeek!!!! xoxo

vivianna said...

How do I become part of photobooth Friday?

blotchy_buttcheeks said...

I wish I could do that thing with my mouth in the second picture!

Awesome giveaway as well.

Carrie said...

cute cute!


amy lapi said...

you are so cute emjay! i cant wait to meet youuu!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

cute pictures!!
oy, i LOVE king cake. id totally eat it all the time if i could (of course then id prob weigh a couple hundred pounds. haha)

Jacque said...

Such cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I love these shots!