Friday, February 12, 2010

photbooth friday - sneaux edition!

in leu of our typical photobooth friday festivities, i have decided to post pictures of our snow day down here in south louisiana :] while some of you folks might have jumped on that global warming bandwagon, these photos are proof otherwise :] three snows in 14 months...that has NEVER happened. like, no...for real. NEVER! so without further ado...our snow day :]

my little snowman...don't judge my clothes. i had to layer :]

we both look rough with day old smeared makeup and bags under our eyes...but in our defense, we were woken by our dad at 6am with shouts of "girls! girls! it's snowing! get up! get up!" and of course, we followed :]

hello snow!

we found that jingles mainly liked to lick the snow of of our faces.

such a pretty kitty. even though i love my rox (my cat at my house) i do miss snuggling with mr. jingles. he's a cuddler, that's for sure

is it tacky for me to want to yell "WHO DAT" every time i see a fleur de lis? hehe (go saints!)

the snow had just started at this point...we ended up having about 3 inches of accumulation, but it melted around noon. :/

it snowed from 6am until 10:30...and the flakes were so fat!

lizzer couldn't resist a reenactment of a christmas story :]

well there you have it guys...i know that a few snow flakes are small potatoes to a good bit of you who are reading this, but dude...down here, this is a miracle! fo sho.

hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! i'm off to the spanish town mardi gras parade tomorrow in downtown baton rouge :] i'll be sure to take lots of photos to share! :]



Carol Anne said...

awww love the snowman!!!

sara said...

hahaha you should come here!that's amount of snow happens almost daily in the winter!

Caitlin said...

looks fun! :) lol.

CourtneyTM said...

hey! i just got your painting! it is so amazing and really made my day! please come over to my blog and add me as a friend. and if you ever do commission work, please let me know!

Jaimie said...

i live in wisconsin, so snow is nothing new to me but i just can't believe it snowed so much down south!

Miss Wanderlust said...

sooo much fun! you girls are so cute :)

amy lapi said...

there is a huge sign on a teacher's classroom here at school reading WHO DAT, go saints! i thought you might like that. ,3