Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recycle t-shirt bag

Hey my name is Carrie I am honored to fill in for Ms. Emjay today. I want to share a very cute and easy project. Lets get started... :D

you need a child's t-shirt (this one is a 10-12) this is super cute if you have a t-shirt that maybe your kid has outgrown but it is still a fave or any cute shirt from a thrift store will do.
Cut the arms, neck, and about an inch off the bottom
turn inside out and hem the bottom (I forgot to get pics of this part) then flip right side out I tied the arm holes with some matching yarn.
and voile a cute little bag!
I hope ya'll enjoy this little project stop by my blog and say Hey!

Peace and Hugs


Jamie said...

What a cute little project, Carrie!!! I love it!

Cat said...

That is so cute Carrie!! Thanks for the DIY :)


Lindsay said...

what a fun idea!!! Thanks for sharing!! You are so creative!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Cute bag! i need to make one of these.