Monday, August 31, 2009

weekend wrap-up

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it's true

so here's photobooth friday and happy ears :]

this is how i've been feeling for two days now. sneezy, stuffy, watery, itchy, name it. its hard to whittle down the to-do list when you feel like poop. :/

but on a happy note, i've got some good music to share with are the top five songs that have been inspiring me this week...

1. o valencia! by the decemberists. yummmm
2. mykonos by fleet foxes
3. shadows by au revoir simone
4. notion by kings of leon
5. lisztomania by phoenix

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i mean, for can you not lovelovelove these songs??? ah...

while we're on the subject of music, you should really check out rachel & jesse. rachel and i were in choir together as children and her older brother was even my first boyfriend (hehe). she has now grown up into a beautiful and talented young woman. her voice is absolutely stunning. anywho, check her and her friend, jesse, out here and take a listen. (be good or be gone is my favorite) let me know what you think, or even better, become their fan on facebook and let them know :]

alrighty folks, expect another post tonight :]

1 comment:

shaina said...

hey look like you're feeling as good as me. :( boo on being sick in the summer.
hope you feel better soon.
lots of luv!