Monday, August 24, 2009

a conversation...

photobooth friday : "geeze, sorry we're so late!"
happy ears sunday: "yeah, we kind of got held up this weekend...our sincerest apologies"
monday: "oh, that's least you're here now! you'll just owe me lunch next week."
photobooth friday : "i think we can swing that, don't you sunday?"
happy ears sunday : "absolutely"
monday: "well then, now that that's taken care of, let's get down to business"

sorry i was absent this weekend...extremely busy weekend at the restaurant. so...happy ears sunday meets monday today with a super duper extra long list of ear candy. today i have the entire day and night off and i'm spending it cleaning and organizing the house, getting it ready for my most favorite season of all :] autumn! to me, spring cleaning isn't just for spring...i like to do it for every season. for fall, the first cool front that sweeps through is the perfect time, and that time is now! it's a cool and humidity-less 70 degrees outside, and i couldn't ask for a clearer sky. the curtains are pulled back, the windows up and the crisp breeze and sunshine are pouring in to every nook and's my cleaning playlist

you'll have to click it to make it bigger :/

so what are you all doing on this cool august day?



ashleyrwatts said...

Loving the playlist! :)

Let's see..just got off from work...and now I'm planning a photo scavenger hunt for a couple of my friends' birthdays this weekend. (I hope it works out -- it will be so fun! lol)

Then, I must go take care of the boyfriend. He just got his wisdom teeth cut out today and I feel my motherly instincts showing through haha

michelle said...

oh my geeze i LOVE photo scavenger hunts! i also lovelovelove the photos you sent me via the craft swap. they are so incredibly beautiful!