Friday, August 14, 2009

photobooth friday

i'm baaaaaaack!

after a pretty long and unannounced hiatus, i have returned!  i figured photobooth friday would be a great way to kick off my blogging spree again :]  big apologies to those of you who read regularly and have been disappointed with the lack of updates...but i really needed some time off.  i'm still not 100%, but these words from my friend LA really touched me (as corny as that sounds) and it got me kicked into gear. :]

Freckled Nest said:  

she's so sweet! :]  after reading this, i immediately felt inspired (don't ask why because i couldn't tell you...hah!) and i sat down and cranked out quite a few felt so good!  thanks, LA, for being so inspiring...lovelove!!!  i'm working on a huge post to share some of these projects with you, as well as a long overdue etsy update within the next few's going to be great!  

attention danielle, kimi, janelle, and shaina:  your things are being mailed out THIS WEEKEND.  promise*promise.  i'm reeeeeeaaaaaalllly bad at finding time to remember to go to the post office...they've been sitting in the corner of my kitchen packaged and ready to go...i just need to actually get them sent off.  but you can all be looking for your goodies to arrive sometime this coming week.  thank you thank you thank you for being so patient. :]

lastly, some exciting news for me...last night i booked a flight to this beautiful place...

i'm pretty super stoked to get to visit san francisco next month. :]  it was a last minute decision, but my parents decided to let my sister and me tag along on their trip as long as we paid our own way...i'm so excited!  martha's vineyard, alcatraz, hait/ashburry, redwood forests...gosh...i'm giddy with excitement!  i can't wait!

ok loves, check back for that big post coming oh-so-soon!!! 


Freckled Nest said...

Let the stalking commence ;)

Thanks emjay!!! Loved it!

I hope you're trip is fab! Don't you wish our eyes saw things in that color (re: sf picture).

LA :)

shaina said...

WAHOO!!! so glad you're back to blogging. i just "met" you and i missed you. :)
thanks for the update...i can't wait to get some happy-mail!

BWatts said...

well its about time! haha welcome back!