Tuesday, August 25, 2009

getting ready for fall...

mmm...pepper jelly and cream cheese spread over wheat thins...probably my most favorite snack for autumn! :]

i spent my day off yesterday being oh-so-productive :] here's a list of things i accomplished:

-6 loads of laundry
-cleaned both bathrooms
-found out my vacuum is broken :/
-swept and mopped ALL floors
-organized my pantry
-organized my closet
-did some anticipatory autumn decorating
-hung some artwork and shelves
-ichatted with my dear friends brit and matt
-tamed my bedroom (which was a disaster)
-washed my hair and shaved my legs :]
-bought some fresh flowers to brighten up the home

please pardon the photo quality...my camera battery is dead so i had to use the iphone...resourceful, i know :]

i hope everyone enjoys their tuesday! :]



Anonymous said...

i LOVE the pink tree painting & the artwork in your restroom. so creative! <3<3

michelle said...

the artwork and bow in the bathroom are mine, except for the little girl drawing. that and the tree painting are ms. elsie's :]

Jamie said...

Super cute! I love it all! All the art is soooo cute!!! Love the chalkboard!!!

margot said...

loooove your decor! so cute!

Amber said...

Your home is beautiful! I so need to do a clean sweep through my home. I too love the tree painting and what a cute way to display the bow and drawing!!

angela said...

everything looks so cute...wish i could get my house looking so fun

jarispry said...

yes... so you're def coming to the decor brownie party right?!?
i loooove your blog makeover! did you dyi?

Dallas Shaw said...

love a bow tie on a clothespin...