Thursday, May 6, 2010

i haven't been around...

it's sad. and i know we don't really like to admit it to the blogging world, but lately, it's true. le sigh...

however, this is changing as we speak! ideas are forming and will soon be coming to life, and you know i will include you every step of the way! here are a few things to look forward to in the next few weeks:
1. [a long overdue] makeup application tutorial video (per request from these ladies)
2. 2 DIY projects for your home (maybe even 3! third one's still in the works)
3. plenty of inspiring photos :)
4. a virtual garage sale (lots and lots and LOTS of crafty goods - including studio furniture and scrapbooking organizational items. it's time to purge and simplify, and you get to reap the benefit!)
5. the return of photobooth friday :)
6. [possible] announcement of the secret i've been working on for the last month
7. posts of various other projects, fun times, and other doings going on around here

i hope to be around more often in the coming months, and in return i hope to see you guys around too! thanks for sticking with me during this boring stretch. i love you all!

em :)


chelseybell. said...

i'm excited for the make-up tutorial. yours always looks so pretty!

Carol Anne said...

yay! glad you are feeling inspired again! I feel the same way a lot. I get uninspired and tired but when inspiration hits, ideas come to me faster than I can do them! haha! Can't wait to see what all you are up to! :)