Friday, May 28, 2010

summer goals :)

we heart it

this summer i have decided to set some goals for myself. some are career related, some are personal, some pertain to my home and others my dreams. i'm posting them here so that i can share with you my triumphs and failures, for encouragement, and above all, accountability. i'm giving myself three months...from june 1 to august 31. here we go...

1. read a classic
2. finally complete my home's organization
3. bring Lilah to the vet
4. completely understand the P&L report and drilldowns at work
5. learn patience
6. finish painting all rooms in the house
7. plant something
8. finish amanda's baby blanket
9. refinish the cedar cabinet
10. buy 2 pieces of art
11. make 1 piece of art for myself, rather than someone else
12. donate items i no longer have a use for
13. go to my first estate sale
14. visit my best friend
15. be ready to announce my secret project :)

i think 15 goals is a good number. 5 per month.

we'll check back at the one month mark, k? :)


1 comment:

ashleyrwatts said...

Awesome goals! :)
I need to accomplish a few of those as well, haha