Friday, May 14, 2010

my weekend

last weekend that is...i know i know, i'm a little late with the sharing. but better late than never, right? ok so...

saturday, me, this sister, and my mom and dad drove down to Pierre Part to my aunt and uncle's house for our annual mother's day crawfish boil. my mom's family is HUGE and almost everybody got to be there this year! my aunt and uncle live on Belle River. like, literally. they're back yard is a few feet of grass, then a deck built over the water. it's pure cajun and looks like a scene out of a movie... i love it!

Check Spelling
uncle duane, uncle don and my cousin steve did a great job working the crawfish pot.

my little cousins brought their fishing poles and were gracious enough to teach me how to bait a hook, cast a line, etc. believe it or not, in my 24 years, i'd never fished before that day! and i caught one on my first try!

it was a tiny little brim, but it's still a fish none the less :)

the crawfish were big and soooo good.

we spent the afternoon fishing off the dock. :)

and we even found a momma duck nesting with her eggs :) can you see her? she blended in really well.

sunday, i spent the evening with an old friend, and made this for another old friend :)

the photo quality is pretty poor because these were taken at dusk. but i still love the pieces. i was sort of tempted to keep them for myself :)

lastly, i finally learned how to do this...

and it quickly turned into this:

which finally ended up like this:

and then i made a fancier one :)

how was your weekend/week?


ps, really random, but i miss this face like whole lot :( can't wait to see her in august!


Carol Anne said...

Wow you are lucky to have such a big family! Looks like a fun time! That is awesome about the fish! And like I said the granny square too! You are just good at everything! haha!

And I looove those paintings! Someday I want to get you to paint something for my home. You are just a talented lady!! <3

Jennifer said...

sounded like a fun a productive weekend!

michelle johnston said...

thanks ladies :)

and carol, you have my email, so just say the word! :)

amy lapi said...

oh my gosh emjay! your painting is gorgeous and i CANT believe you made that blanket!!! i LOVE it! you should go pro! :) love you

Michelle (michabella) said...

Wow what a gorgeous place your family has!!! Looked so fun...besides the crawfish. They creep me out! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting you did for a friend! So talented! & im jealous you can crochet! Fabulous <333

ps-what is written on the side of the paintings?

michelle johnston said...


my friend who commissioned the piece asked me to incorporate some of her favorite bible scripture references in the painting. i decided to take some of her favorites and write them out along the edging for an extra special touch :)

Erin said...

I love love love those paintings. Adorable. :)