Sunday, April 25, 2010

pretty pretty...

thank you guys for all the sweet comments on the last post :) i wasn't expecting anything of the sort, so it took me by surprise...but thank you all the same :)

another thing i'm super into these days is lashes. light and feathery, thick and bold...i love long and luscious lashes...don't you?

i think they are so beautiful...



kim smith said...

i love your blog.
you look like just the right mix of nice and funny and sweet- i'd love to be friends with you [:
p.s. i wish my natural hair was as red as yours. it's a really dark brown with bits of red.

Stephanie said...

I love the look of really thick lashes! I'm tempted to try false ones sometime when I'm going out, but I'm a little concerned I'd glue my eye shut...haha

Cole said...

me too! makes me want to try some fake ones. just for fun. cute blog!
nicole visiting from