Monday, April 19, 2010

if i had a million dollars...

or a free pass to grandma's attic, maybe i'd be able to score some cool things for my home. until then, here are some things, via etsy, that i'd lovelovelove to own :)

i've always wanted a card catalog for my studio
this gorgeous black desk lamp would be perfect for my bedside table

this amazing 1969's sofa would be perfect after some reupholstering

these chairs are in new orleans...i want!

this beautiful aqua fan would sure help beat these hot southern summers

everyone needs a pair of sweet little vintage brass deer

this royal typewriter would look great on my desk

who wouldn't want to wake up to this adorable spring green alarm clock ?

i hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! i had to work most of mine, but i'm off tomorrow and have so many things i plan to work on!



michabella said...

Love those teal chairs!!! You are so pretty!! I envy your hair! <333 Michelle

With Love, Jamie said...

Ahh I love that couch & those chairs! :)